• Pils / pilsner
    Birra Elvo


    A small masterpiece of simplicity pushed to the limits. The beer has a classic look with its straw-yellow, limpid color; canonical head that is...

  • Barley wine
    Birrificio Sant'Andrea

    Hell Rice

    The appearance is textbook: its antique golden color with ruby reflections, evanescent head and limpidity are its calling card. Each single scent in this...

  • _
    Pagnoncelli Folcieri


    Made using grape must, this is an Italian Grape Ale, the only existing and recognized Italian brewing style. It is made using the...

  • Lager
    Birrificio Pontino

    La Calavera

    The memory of a trip to Mexico inspired this beer to beat the heat with a meeting between witchcraft and street symbolism inspiring the...

  • Chianti Brew Fighters

    La Serpe

    California Common or Steam beer is a lager made in a style that is totally Californian in origin and dates back to the end...

  • Imperial stout
    Birrificio del Ducato

    Verdi Imperial Stout

    A complex brew all structured on multifaceted malts with different toasting that reaches the palate according to a gradual scale without strong contrasts. The...

  • Golden Ale
    Birrificio la Fucina

    Pescolanciano ComunAle

    The overall style is that of a Golden Ale but geared towards a specific goal. As indicated by the questionnaire, there is not much...

  • Lager
    Birrificio La Piazza

    American Jasper

    This could be defined as an “Americanized” version of Jasper, the brewery’s German-style Pilsner. They look identical: a lovely and...

  • Saison
    Birrificio Bionoć


    This was Bionoć’s first beer and it sums up the brewery’s basic approach: pure mountain water, Trentino hops and energy...

  • Trappiste

    Chimay Grand Réserve

    In the glass this has a limpid mahogany color with copper reflections and a cappuccino-colored head that has a fine, not particularly persistent head...

  • Belgian Amber Ale
    Maltus Faber


    This is a brew that reflects the history and soul of the brewery and brewer Fausto. It is inspired by and similar to a...

  • Birrificio 24 Baroni


    “Nera” (Black) is the result of multiple attempts, tastings and important advice, above all from Kuaska. It is a Stout in the...

  • Pinta Siciliana sas

    Al Zabir

    Al Zabir is an Italian Grape Ale (IGA) with a totally Italian style recognized by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). It is...

  • _
    De Dolle Brouwers

    Stille Nacht 2017

    In the glass it almost looks like wine, one of those old Bordeaux Clarets that made French wine history, with its reddish-brown color, amber...

  • Porter
    Birra dei Borgia


    A dark beer with a compact, hazelnut-colored head with an ivory edge. It has a textbook Porters aroma with straightforward and intense notes of...

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