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    Carlsberg Italia S.p.A.

    10 Luppoli Le Bollicine Dorata

    Of the two ‘sisters’ we preferred the Dorata, a malt beer made with ten different varieties of hops. It has a limpid...

  • Porter
    La Fonte Società Agricola S.S.

    Robust Porter

    Very dark in the glass with a compact, hazelnut colored head. Toasted notes dominate the aroma with scents of coffee, chocolate powder, vanilla, caramel...

  • American Pale Ale
    Arbor Ales

    Yakima Valley

    An amber color with distinct, orange reflections topped by an ivory and compact head. The bouquet is strong, the result of the aromatic boldness...

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    Oktoberfest Märzen 2017

    The color is a golden-blonde and the head white, compact, creamy and persistent. The fragrant aroma is direct with sensations of wild herbs, grains,...

  • Irish Red Ale
    Birra del Borgo


    The golden color is topped by a white and compact head while the fresh and lovely aroma has the intensity of citrus, ginger, ground...

  • Irish Red Ale
    Glens of Antrim Craft Ale and Beers

    Rathlin Red

    The amber color has sienna-red reflections while the compact head is ivory-white. The intense and pleasingly caramel aroma has notes of malt, cookies, whole-wheat...

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    Eastside Brewing


    This IPA has a golden color with a very compact, white head in the glass. The intense aroma has scents of wild herbs, white...

  • Belgian Ale
    Eternal City Brewing - ECB

    Tolfa Jazz

    A golden color and an ivory-white, compact vaporous head. The aroma is intense and vegetal, balsamic, mentholated and citrusy with hints of aromatic herbs...

  • Pale Ale
    Consorzio M126Birrificio sociale La StaffettaBirrificio degli Archi di Viareggio

    Geo Hempathy

    In the glass this has a golden color with a white and compact head. The aroma is immediately distinguished by herbal notes of cannabis...

  • European Pale Ale

    Su na’ rota

    A brew with a luminous, golden and slightly veiled color and a thick, white head. The bouquet is fragrant, fresh and pleasingly citrusy with...

  • Golden Ale
    Birra del Borgo


    In the glass this has a slightly veiled, golden color with a white and compact head. The bouquet is immediate and fragrant with notes...

  • American Amber Ale
    Birrificio Rurale


    This brew has an amber color with distinct copper reflections with a compact and beige head. The aromas are intense, distinct, clean and balanced...

  • Blanche
    Birrificio Foglie D’erba


    This wheat beer has a golden, straw-yellow color with a compact and white head. The bouquet is intense, pronounced and consistent with notes from...

  • Saison
    Birrificio Ofelia

    Piazza delle Erbe

    In the glass this has a golden color with distinct orange reflections and a compact, white and persistent head. The nose has intense aromas...

  • Belgian Ale


    A golden color with an intense and immediately citrusy and spicy aroma of ginger with nuances of grains and white bread. The bouquet has...

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