Hell Rice

AuthorAndrea Camaschella
Date of publication07/13/18
Price13 €

The appearance is textbook: its antique golden color with ruby reflections, evanescent head and limpidity are its calling card. Each single scent in this beer does not resonate but exalt the rounded bouquet that takes off with breathing, a positive aspect of this type of beer. There are notes of caramel, tobacco, fruit preserved under spirits and in syrup as well as dried fruit, toasted and winey sensations of liqueur wines, leather and, obviously, alcohol (10.5%) that can be biting but never bothersome. In fact, the alcohol brings everything together. A lot of tact and taste went into making this and the mouthfeel of Hell Rice opens with flavors of toffee and molasses and continues with sweet notes, rounded by the warmth of the alcohol, and those of candied and dried fruits together with a distinct note of English hops (or perhaps it is from the Hermes and Venere rice) leading towards the finish to then return in the long and wrapping aftertaste worthy of a Port or Sherry.

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Hell Rice
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