• by Daniele Cernilli 03/08/23

    Herr Bonilli Zimmer drei

    Nine years after his passing, here is a fun memory of our professional career together, about when Stefano Bonilli...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 30/06/23

    Seven kilos in seven days

    Some 30 years ago, Daniele Cernilli, in order to lose weight, went to Merano, to Spazio Henri Chenot, a well-known...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 18/09/20

    Our dear Angela

    Angela Piotti Velenosi is a passionate professional who is proud of her wines and, above all, her land....

  • by Redazione 30/03/20

    Dream wines by Veronelli told by Daniele Cernilli

    Filippo Polidori, very close to Veronelli in the last years of his life, interviews Daniele Cernilli on a...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 31/10/19

    Remembering Giorgio Grai

    In memory of Giorgio Grai, we re-post this story written by Daniele Cernilli a couple of years ago. He does not...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 16/10/19

    Sergio Manetti and his liquid protest

    With Le Pergole Torte came out, Sergio Manetti created a wine that was extremely innovative for the time,...

  • by Riccardo Viscardi 03/07/19

    Commander Diego Molinari

    Riccardo Viscardi recalls the personality and teachings of Cerbaiona founder Diego Molinari several months after...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 29/08/18

    The San Domenico Restaurant

    Although Daniele Cernilli has often returned to the San Domenico restaurant in Imola, he will never forget that...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 02/08/18

    The curious people of wine

    Going deeper into the subject we talked about yesterday, we see here which are the typical cathegories of people...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 01/08/18

    Frog’s Blood

    Wine terminology is one of the most difficult aspects for those who are moving the first step towards...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 27/04/18

    Memories of Vinitaly

    Editor-in-chief Daniele Cernilli was still very young when he first visited Vinitaly in 1980 but he was already a...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 09/08/17

    The incredible Isi Benini

    Isi Benini was a star, ironic and fun and he knew his stuff when it came to wine and food.  When I speak...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 21/06/17

    My first Picolit

    It was the year 1978 when I finally found myself with a glass of Picolit 1976 Rocca Bernarda in front of me. It...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 08/02/17

    The Morellino pioneer

    I can perfectly remember the moment, place and perhaps even the day when I first met Erik Banti. It was in March...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 17/11/16

    My first time in Chianti Classico

    Taken in part from Memories of a Wine Taster, Einaudi 2006.Who has not at least once in their life thought about...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 22/09/16

    The Cormonesi Clan

    In the spring and often in the summer and on those lovely autumn days after the harvest, the wrought-iron tables...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 25/08/16

    The Marquis of Wine

    Few people have had such influence, left such a mark on the recent history of Italian wine than the Marquis Pietro...

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