Sweet wines (1): Southern Italy

by Vinogodi 10/11/17
2036 |
Vini dolci (1): Italia del Sud

We begin our overview of sweet wines from southern Italy, which due to its climatic characteristics could be considered the cradle for these wines.

In the past they were the reference points for Italian winemaking, the famous “passito” wines that were at times questionable because of the occasional excessive oxidation and abnormal sugar levels not warranted to balance the acidity. For these reasons these wines were relegated to being dessert wines at Christmas and little else.

The skill and evolved techniques of many producers has resulted in extraordinary gems thanks to the sun and high temperatures that fostered their production in almost every area of southern Italy. Some of the following wines are true treasures in Italian winemaking.

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Angialis Vendemmia Tardiva 2001
Argiolas 10/11/17 Vinogodi Made from Masco grapes with a small addition of Malvasia di Cagliari that undergoes slow fermentation in stainless steel vats and matures in barriques. The wine has an amber-golden color and an...
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Malvasia delle Lipari 2008
Passito di Salina
Cantine Colosi 10/11/17 Vinogodi A blend of Malvasia and Corinto Nero grapes that have dried on racks. The wine has a bold, golden-yellow color and an aroma with an attack of dried apricot, quince and mustard candied quince and...
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ES + Sole 2012
Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale
Gianfranco Fino 10/11/17 Vinogodi A dark, impenetrable red wine made from Primitivo grapes. The aromas are slightly compressed to start but intensify significantly with breathing. The bouquet is dominated by Marasca cherry, cherry...
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Ben Ryé 2012
Donnafugata 10/11/17 Vinogodi Made from white, naturally sweet Zibibbio (Moscato) grapes, the wine has a bold, golden-yellow color with amber nuances. Concentrated in the glass, the bouquet unleashes distinct notes of dried...
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Stravecchio di Sicilia Sherry Riserva 1955
10/11/17 Vinogodi An extremely rare wine which I acquired directly from the historic Dioni brothers in Parma in my university days... the early 1980s. I drank the next-to-last bottle a few years ago and it was one of...
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Creato 1976
Passito di Pantelleria
Salvatore Murana 10/11/17 Vinogodi A cult Italian wine made from Moscato d’Alessandria grapes. This is no ordinary wine but a sensorial phenomenon the country should be proud of. It has a bold, amber color which appears dark and has...
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Solaria Jonica 1959
Cantine Antonio Ferrari 10/11/17 Vinogodi This is one of the most extraordinary wines ever produced in Italy and has a romanticized pedigree that all true wine lovers know: matured for ten years in large barrels and then aged for another 30...
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Logo Argiolas
03/03/15 Redazione Argiolas represents a kind of model for a family estate even if it is so large. The new generation at the helm is professional and passionate and have the fortune of benefitting from the advice of an...
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Logo Cantine Colosi
10/10/17 Redazione Run by Piero Colosi, a member of the family’s fourth generation, with the help of his father Pietro, Cantine Colosi is situated in Giammoro, in the province of Messina, where the wine is made,...
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Logo Gianfranco Fino
10/17/11 Redazione Up until a few years ago, the winemaking aristocracy in Puglia thought they had had nothing to worry about, perhaps too much so, then, suddenly, young producers began emerging who in a very short...
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Logo Donnafugata
05/27/15 Redazione Even though Giacomo Rallo was like a giant for the winery, after his death (in May 2016) the lead of the company is in the hands of his sons Antonio and José. Both have inheried from their...
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Logo Duca di Salaparuta
02/18/19 Redazione This great producer has its headquarters in Casteldaccia, some 20 kilometers from Palermo, but they produce wine from their own grapes and those of suppliers all over Sicily. Known for its Corvo...
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Logo Salvatore Murana
11/19/14 Redazione

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