Sweet Wines (10): Tokaji

by Vinogodi 12/13/17
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Vini dolci (10): Tokaji

Our long tour dedicated to the world’s best sweet wines is nearing the end and here we stop in Hungary, home of the formidable Tokaji.

We start off with Hungarian wines made primarily from Furmint grapes, the celebrated Tokaji with their great capacity to create an emotional experience and offer authentic sensorial explosions. These are ancient wines with hundreds of years of history that have unique and unrepeatable characteristics. The top wines in their category (from Aszu 6 Puttonyos to Eszeniica) have a very high concentration of sugar and a low alcohol content (in some case only a few percentage points) that is held down by the effect the abnormal sugar concentration has on the microorganisms during fermentation. The final result is a ‘syrup’ with bold, explosive and incredible sensorial characteristics.

Editor’s note: The name Tokaji in Hungarian means “from Tokaj”, which is the name of the city that lends its name to the area of production – Tokaj-Hegyalja – in eastern Hungary, at the feet of the Carpathian Mountains. The grapes used to make the wine are Furmint, Hàrslevelu and Sàrgamuskotàly. The wine Aszú – which means dried grapes - is made with grapes that have contracted botrytis and were picked at different times. These grapes are crushed into a mash and then placed in containers called puttonyos that hold some 25kg. The wine made from grapes that have not contracted noble rot can have an addition of up to six puttonyos per 136 liters. The greater the number of puttonyos added, the sweeter the final product is.

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  Product Producer Date of publication Author Read
Tokaji Aszù 3 Puttonyos 1963
Állami 12/13/17 Vinogodi An amber color and only a discreet viscosity. The bouquet has scents of walnut infusion, raisins and moss with a lovely vegetal note in the background. Everything comes together in an original,...
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Tokaji Aszù 5 Puttonyos 1996
Hétszölö 12/13/17 Vinogodi A bold golden color with amber reflections and a very thick texture as it is poured into the glass. The rich aroma has notes of acacia honey, confit, pickled melon and distinct hints of medicinal...
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Tokaji Aszù 6 Puttonyos 1996
Szepsy 12/13/17 Vinogodi A bold, lucent golden color with a splendid density and sumptuous texture. The attack of the aroma is incredibly citrus, bold and intense and is then followed by notes of exotic fruit jam, balsamic...
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Aszù Essencia 1995
Royal Tokaji 12/13/17 Vinogodi The density and color are comparable to the previous wine but the bouquet is less explosive and initially more reluctant but it comes out after breathing long which also eliminates any initial...
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Oremus Tokaji Eszencia 2000
Tokaj Oremus 12/13/17 Vinogodi A bold golden color with distinct amber reflections with aromas as intense as they can possibly be for this winemaking masterpiece with its clear notes of caramel, cookies and rhubarb. The mouthfeel...
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Tokaji Eszentia 1999
Disznókő 12/13/17 Vinogodi A dark amber color and threatening just to look at because it is so syrupy and oily. In fact, the wine is so abnormally concentrated it struggles to come out of the bottle. The aroma explodes with...
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