A Giro d’Italia in 80 wines (2): Sicily and Sardinia

by Redazione Grafica 03/14/18
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Giro d'Italia in 80 vini (2): Sicilia e Sardegna

The second stage of our Giro d’Italia in 80 wines centers on Italy’s two major islands with a full-immersion course in local varietals: Catarratto, Carricante, Vermentino, Frappato, Cannonau, Carignano, Nerello, Nero d’Avola and so on.

Those familiar with the Sicilian countryside know well that vineyards are a constant presence on the hilly landscape on the same level as olive trees and prickly pear cactus. But not all vineyards on the island are the same and “seaside” vineyards can be found not only on the smaller islands but also along coasts near Marsala or Sciacca or Faro, while the “mountain” vineyards on Etna or the Madonie mountains represent two extremes in winegrowing. A similar situation exists on Sardinia which has stepped up its winemaking game with a marked improvement in the quality of its wines. While attention may be focused on regional DOC appellations, usually identified by the name of the varietal used, the reality of the situation is much more complex. There are certain varietals that, in more restricted areas, represent authentic cultural gems given the different subzones that are in turn subdivided according to ancient Sardinian traditions.

In order to highlight the vast variety of wine produced we have selected wines that are very different from each other.

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Catarratto Antisa 2016
Tasca d’Almerita 03/14/18 Daniele Cernilli Made only in stainless steel from Catarratto grapes grown at an altitude of 900m above sea level. The wine has a bright, straw-yellow color and fruity and clean aromas that have a discreet finesse...
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Etna Bianco 2016
Planeta 03/14/18 Daniele Cernilli 100% Carricante grapes. The wine is made in stainless steel sitting on the lees for six months. The color is a bright, straw-yellow and the bouquet has citrus and smoky notes of citron,...
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Camminera 2017
Vermentino di Sardegna
Audarya 03/14/18 Daniele Cernilli A single-grape Vermentino that matures in stainless steel and has a bright, golden-yellow color. The complex aroma has notes of white fruit, spice and peat nuances, while the full and bold mouthfeel...
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Soliànu 2016
Vermentino di Gallura
Ledda 03/14/18 Dario Cappelloni Made with Vermentino grapes from the legendary Matteu vineyard and matured in stainless steel. The wine has a bright, straw color and an aroma wrapped in Mediterranean brush and iodine notes. The...
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Il Frappato 2016
Valle dell’Acate 03/14/18 Riccardo Viscardi 100% Frappato grapes. Stainless steel for 6 months. Light ruby red color. Intense aromas of flowers and dark pepper. Nice progression, elegant balance and attractive drinkability. Spicy notes in the...
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VikeVike 2016
Cannonau di Sardegna
VikeVike 10/02/17 Dario Cappelloni A wine made in stainless steel from Cannonau grapes. This second edition of Cannonau from young vines (the reserve from centuries old vines will come out at the end of next year) demonstrates a more...
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PiedeFranco 2015
Carignano del Sulcis
Cantina di Calasetta 03/14/18 Daniele Cernilli 100% Carignano grapes and matured in cement, this wine has an impenetrable ruby color and an austere bouquet with notes of spice and Marasca cherry. The mouthfeel is flavorful, warm and...
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Vinupetra 2014
I Vigneri 03/14/18 Daniele Cernilli A blend of Nerello Mascalese with Nerello Cappuccio, Alicante and the so-called “Francisi” grape that matures in large barrels for two years. It has a luminous ruby color with aromas of...
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Lu Patri 2015
Baglio del Cristo di Campobello 03/14/18 Daniele Cernilli Made from Nero d’Avola grapes and matured in barriques for a year, this has a dark, ruby color. The intense alcoholic aroma has distinct notes of black cherry and kirsch while the mouthfeel is...
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Faro Palari 2006
Palari 08/27/14 Daniele Cernilli To some extent, this pays the price for coming after the 2005: it is the result of a rather hot – and therefore less complex and nuanced - year than the previous wine. Its colour is an intense,...
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Logo Tasca d’Almerita
03/31/12 Redazione One of Italy’s most famous and prestigious wineries is today run by Albert Tasca d’Almerita who is the offspring of Lucio and grandchild of founder Giuseppe Sr., aka Conte Tasca. Vast and...
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Logo Planeta
06/06/12 Redazione This producer symbolizes the new-found success of Sicilian wines. It was set up almost 25 years ago and from the beginning was run a family of young, then, entrepreneurs – Alessio, Santi and...
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Logo Audarya
10/30/15 Redazione Serdiana is the area with the most vineyards on the island and is home to the great and historic Sardinian estates. Salvatore and Nicoletta Pala are very young leading figures in this new and...
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Logo Ledda
05/03/18 Redazione Grafica Andrea Ledda is a well-known furniture entrepreneur in Sardinia but his heart has always been in his land, Mejlogu, in the heart of Logudoro, in the province of Sassari. This land is famous for its...
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Logo Valle dell’Acate
04/15/14 Redazione Gaetana Jacono and Francesco Ferreri are the heart and soul of this winery that is one of the most representative of the area of Vittoria, home to Sicily’s only DOCG appellation: Cerasuolo...
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05/04/18 Redazione Grafica
Logo Cantina di Calasetta
05/04/18 Redazione Grafica
Logo I Vigneri
02/12/12 Redazione Salvo Foti is the real prophet of Etna winemaking and his winemaking can be considered heroic. Aften many consultancies, here is an authonomus project, run with the help of his son Simone. Everything...
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Logo Baglio del Cristo di Campobello
03/26/15 Redazione In a short period of time this winery has become a point of reference for many wine lovers. One of things that makes the estate particular is the significant presence of chalk in the hills that host...
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Logo Palari
08/26/14 Redazione Salvatore ‘Turi’ Geraci is a well-known architect from Messina, as well as an old acolyte of Luigi Veronelli, who at a certain point in his life decided to go back to producing at his...
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