Bordeaux wines yesterday and today: the ‘young’ ones (2)

by Vinogodi 03/31/16
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Bordolesi ieri e oggi: la gioventù (2)

After previously looking at the ‘young’Merlot Bordeaux and Bordeaux-style wines, today we focus on  Bordeaux-blend wines, always the ‘young’ ones keeping in mind that these means those that are 15-20 years old.

These are wines at their best, wines that with time offer sensations that are difficult to match.

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Cos d’Estournel Grand Cru 1995
Chateau Cos D Estournel 03/31/16 Vinogodi It is amazing how the color remains intact even 20 years after it was made. Cos d’Estournel’s is one of the longest living wines in the world and I have had the fortune of having sampled some...
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Solaia 1994
Antinori 03/31/16 Vinogodi This is one of my favorite Solaia vintages. It has an intense red color with clear garnet nuances while the aroma is an assorted aromatic spectrum with notes of root, Mediterranean brush, medicinal...
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Tenuta di Trinoro 1999
Tenuta di Trinoro 10/30/12 Redazione When drinking this great wine we must rid ourselves of any concept of rationality and engage in the pagan rite of pleasure. The color is an incarnadine red, bold and deep. The yearning aroma of red...
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St. Émilion Grand Cru 1999
Chateau Cheval Blanc 03/31/16 Vinogodi The color is a magnificent and the aroma is one of the most sensual on the planet, immediately seductive with its notes of spice and medicinal herbs with a suffused balsamic sensation. The palate is...
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St. Émilion Grand Cru 1998
Chateau Pavie 03/31/16 Vinogodi A wine of great concentration beginning with its dark, almost impenetrable red color. The aroma is decidedly fruity with classic scents of blueberry and blackberry, hide and fine leather. The...
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Margaux Premier Grand Cru 1999
Margaux Premier Grand Cru Classé
Château Margaux 03/31/16 Vinogodi The unnaturally red color is bright and resplendent while evidence in the aroma of aging in wood is long gone and the bouquet is now of seaside brush, minerals, resin and spice. The mouthfeel is...
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Margaux Premier Grand Cru 1994
Margaux Premier Grand Cru Classé
Château Margaux 03/31/16 Vinogodi Small garnet hints tend to create fascinating smile lines in the wine’s color, while the aroma remains extremely fruity, dominated by notes of roots and hide, cacao and nutmeg. The mouthfeel is...
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Pauillac 1991
Château Lafite Rothschild 03/31/16 Vinogodi A full, red color with a transparent edge. The bouquet has notes of orange and spice, curry and turmeric, crushed flowers and moss. The mouthfeel is solemn yet stimulating thanks to its broadness and...
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