Bordeaux wines yesterday and today: the ‘young’ ones (1)

by Vinogodi 03/24/16
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Bordolesi ieri e oggi: la gioventù (1)

It is difficult not to be repetitive when talking about Bordeaux-blend wines or the best Bordeaux varietals, Merlot first among them.  Bordeaux grape varieties are the most cultivated and appreciated around the world thanks to their ability to both age and be pleasing when young, for the way the wine is exalted using small barrels and how easy the grapes are to cultivate. It is a different story, however, when trying to replicate the excellence of the wine outside the land the grapes hail from, the zone of Gironde. And so while there are a some areas where the grapes thrive, many in Italy and a few in the Napa Valley, drinking the legendary Bordeaux wines is an experience one can never forget.

The tastings we begin to review today, and which will continue over the coming weeks, took place in two sessions to best appreciate the sensorial pleasures these extraordinary wines offer. The first session was dedicated to the ‘young’ vintages, which for a Bordeaux-type wine is between 15-20 years, and given the number of bottles sampled the review of the first session was divided into two sections. The same will be true of the reviews of the older vintages.

This first installment focuses most of all on the greatest wines made with Merlot.

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Chateau Gazin 2000
Chateau Gazin 03/24/16 Vinogodi In the glass the wine has a lovely chromatic structure with a bright red and intact color. The aromas are delicate with scents of underbrush and mushroom sensations along with a nice whiff of iron...
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Merlot 1999
Miani 03/24/16 Vinogodi There are magnificent scarlet reflections in the dark, and richly structured color. The bouquet is incredibly intense, complex and assorted thanks to splendidly aging in the bottle that created...
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Pomerol 1999
Château Clinet 03/24/16 Vinogodi The color is a bright and intact red even if not particularly concentrated. The aroma is extremely enticing with scents of blueberry and cinchona bark, humus and dried leaves. The mouthfeel is...
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Masseto 1998
01/02/14 Redazione Together with the 2001, I think this is actually the greatest Messorio ever produced. I can say this having tasted every vintage and while the 2001 may be superior for its strength, the elegance and...
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Chateau Petrus 1999
Chateau Petrus 03/24/16 Vinogodi The color is bright and the aroma, while not that intense, is precise and extremely pleasing thanks to how clean and assorted it is. The bouquet has notes of blueberry, blackberry and juniper, all...
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Chateau Le Pin 1999
03/24/16 Vinogodi The bright red color has a lovely concentration and is very luminous and intact. The bouquet is an explosion of sour cherry and spice, rich as few Merlot can be and with a complexity that will sends...
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