Dorico Moroder, Montepulciano by the sea (2)

by Francesco Annibali 12/20/17
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Dorico Moroder, Montepulciano by the sea (2)
We conclude our interview with Alessandro Moroder and turn our attention to his wine with a vertical tasting of eight vintages of his top-of-the-line Conero Riserva: Dorico.

Our chat with Alessandro Moroder continues.

DoctorWine: Does the Montepulciano here have problems in regard to phenolic maturity?

Alessandro Moroder: Yes and no. In cooler years one need only wait a little longer but this has never been a serious problem for a late-ripening varietal like Montepulciano. The only real problems are during hot years when the grapes ripen faster.

DW: What goals do you have for the future?

AM: I am convinced that I have always produced elegant wines but this is something I intend to work on even more. It is for this reason that we are focusing more on Dorico and using larger barrels, shortening the maceration period and racking the wine after fermentation.

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Dorico Riserva 2013
Moroder 12/20/17 Francesco Annibali This wine currently available retail has an impenetrable, ruby-purple color. The aromas are very pure, with no reduction not even in the attack nor in any of the other vintages tasted with notes of...
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Dorico Riserva 2010
Moroder 12/20/17 Francesco Annibali A great year with a dark ruby color and a bouquet of aromatic herbs and leather on a background of sour cherry. The mouthfeel is very rich and kept taut by a juicy acidity while the tannins are...
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Dorico Riserva 2008
Moroder 12/20/17 Francesco Annibali Similar to the 2010 with a slightly more fused acidity. The color is an impenetrable, dark ruby and the bouquet opens with notes of truffle and citrus on the usual sour cherry background. The...
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Dorico Riserva 2003
Moroder 12/20/17 Francesco Annibali This wine has definitely improved with bottle aging. It has a very dark color, a shiny black-garnet, and the aroma opens very slowly and is floral and fruity (black cherry) with a note of licorice....
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Dorico Riserva 2000
Moroder 12/20/17 Francesco Annibali Despite a slight, corked note that made it impossible to rate, this was a pleasure to drink. The bouquet was of spice with notes of incense, coffee and aromatic herbs, while the mouthfeel was broad...
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Dorico Riserva 1998
Moroder 12/20/17 Francesco Annibali Welcome to the ‘90s. The first impression is that this is a Super Tuscan! The wood is still evident to the nose (chocolate) but it is fused, perhaps too much so, with notes from bottle aging...
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Dorico Riserva 1995
Moroder 12/20/17 Francesco Annibali One of the mysteries of aging. I had not tasted this vintage for over ten years and bottle aging has since given it a grassy aroma that it did not have when young. It was almost as if the bottle had...
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Dorico Riserva 1988
Moroder 12/20/17 Francesco Annibali This is a wine that had made history and not just for the appellation but also the Marche region being the first wine from the region to get a top “Three Glasses” rating. The color is a...
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Logo Moroder
02/02/17 Redazione Having witnessed the first steps Sandro and Serenella Morodor made in the world of wine, now 30 years ago, we cannot be but proud of what they have achieved. Today they are a solid point of reference...
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