• by Daniele Cernilli 20/06/22

    Passion and speculation

    Certain wines have seen their price triple and quadruple from what they are sold for at the winery only because...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 13/06/22

    “Female” varietals

    Grammar can be tricky especially in languages that have grammatical gender differences, like Italian. Wine (vino)...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 06/06/22

    We are so social!

    Although all things are relative, for us at DoctorWine, which began as a news and commentary outlet, the idea that...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 30/05/22

    Wine, much more than just a word

    The word “wine” encompasses thousands of different nuances, with many different wines produced from...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 23/05/22

    Wine editorials

    Writing an editorial regarding wine and food does not simply mean describing sensations derived from tasting a...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 16/05/22

    Wines for summer

    Our new paperback guide will be presented during two tastings, one in Rome and the other in Milan, where we hope...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 09/05/22

    My friend Anatoly

    To firmly condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine and support the inhabitants of that country does not mean to...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 02/05/22

    Thirty-four wine guides

    Spring is when we begin tastings for our next wine guide. Having done this many times over the years, each spring...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 25/04/22


    Viniveri 2022 has come out with a policy statement, La Forma e la Sostanza, Luci e Ombre (Form and Substance,...

  • by Stefania Vinciguerra 19/04/22

    Vinitaly 2022, the watchword: substantiality

    After two years of “abstinence”, everyone was ready to go and there was no let down to their...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 11/04/22

    Discovering organic wines

    The new guide Allo Scoperta dei Vini Biodinamici e Biologici (Discovering Biodynamic and Organic...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 04/04/22

    What will Vinitaly be like?

    While this may be a difficult question to answer, all operators in the wine sector will be looking...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 28/03/22

    Pinot Bianco’s requital

    Two recent, consecutive events in Milan dedicated to Pinot Bianco both demonstrated how this varietal may truly...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 21/03/22

    Nouvelle cuisine

    The basic principles of the movement known as nouvelle cuisine are different from those that are often attributed...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 14/03/22

    Marino on the skins

    A few more words on the “wines of yesteryear” with a re-publication of the article – which still...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 07/03/22

    The wines of yesteryear

    The wines that were being made back in the 1960s, before the “technical revolution”, were not that...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 28/02/22

    Tiny and indigenous

    Ancient varietals cultivated in very restricted areas, small cells of resistance in small territories but that...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 21/02/22

    Wine and alcohol

    Over the past few days a lot has been said about the European Parliament’s decision in regard to wine...

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Editorial of the week

  • Passion and speculation

    by Daniele Cernilli 06/20/22

    Certain wines have seen their price triple and quadruple from what they are sold for at the winery...



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