• by Daniele Cernilli 20/05/19

    Gastronomic narcissism

    There are those – be they a critic or fan – who impose their own personal preferences in a thinly...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 13/05/19

    We’re still around. That’s right.

    Our strengths lie in the connection between expertise and service, between experience and offering pertinent...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 06/05/19

    Italian wine is relatively unknown

    Italy did not come out well in a research study in the United States on the recognizability of the world’s...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 29/04/19

    Tolerable defects

    Wine can have small defects, tolerable imperfections in regard to our personal tastes. However, these must not...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 23/04/19

    Virtuous enology

    Modern enology seeks to enhance the value of a wine’s origin and characteristics, its...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 15/04/19

    Hooray for Barnaba!

    In a post on his Facebook page, Fabrizio Pagliardi, the owner-operator of the Barnaba wine bar and restaurant in...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 08/04/19

    Vinitaly…someone will always complain

    Without wishing to minimize any organizational shortcoming, there is no denying that Vinitaly is the most...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 01/04/19

    Niche or ghetto?

    A niche product is something truly excusive, given its intangible value. But what happens if the consumer...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 25/03/19

    People’s wines

    Half of Italy’s population drinks and buys wine on a fairly regular basis. In order to reach these...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 18/03/19

    Italy’s Burgundy

    There are some Italian reds made from Nebbiolo north of the Langhe that have a certain elegance, character,...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 11/03/19

    A fist full of yeast

    Selected or natural yeast? The microbiology of winemaking is a very complex subject and, for the most part, an...

  • by Riccardo Viscardi 04/03/19

    Barolo and Brunello 2014

    An analysis of vintage 2014 of two great Italian reds, Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino, underscores the...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 25/02/19

    Thales’ water

    Wine also represents the history of a land, its people, climate, landscapes and traditions and thus has a symbolic...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 18/02/19

    Viva l’Italia

    If you can spend between 40 and 50 euros for a bottle, the quality of some great Italian reds is superior to...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 11/02/19

    Beyond the stars

    The Michelin Guide, which awards its famous quality stars, evaluates restaurants in a too formalistic way,...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 04/02/19

    Who is a sommelier?

    In Italy, the term “sommelier” has by now become a generic one for someone who is a wine...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 28/01/19

    Winemaker Pride

    Exactly one year ago, Umberto Trombelli, the renowned enologist and student of the great Giacomo Tacis, posted...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 21/01/19

    Eight years ago

    For Stefano Bonilli and Danielle Cernilli, Gambero Rosso was a dream come true: a new way to communicate wine and...

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