• by Daniele Cernilli 03/08/20

    Remembering Bonilli

    It’s been six years since Stefano Bonilli left us suddenly and prematurely, leaving a void in Italian food...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 03/08/20

    1988: a perfect vintage

    A year with weather all producers desire and which produced those great wines that became impressed on memory....

  • by Daniele Cernilli 27/07/20

    Erik’s Morellino

    A meeting with the lead players of the era offered an occasion to open a magnum of Morellino di Scansano Cru...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 20/07/20

    Objective opinions

    Every value judgement, even if based on agreed-to parameters, cannot escape the fact that it was expressed by a...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 13/07/20

    Quality and price

    A (low) price is not the single most important factor for selecting a wine. Along with the price, quality is a key...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 06/07/20

    Minor vintages

    The history of Italian wine shows us how an average or scarce year in one region can be quite different elsewhere...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 29/06/20

    Delicious wines

    These are wines that are immediate, pleasing and represent a territory in a simple and understandable way....

  • by Daniele Cernilli 22/06/20

    The Essential Guide in times of Covid 19

    Compiling the guide is an arduous task but we are working on it full-speed. If it will not be possible to...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 15/06/20

    Vintage 1985: Did it maintain its promise?

    Although praised from the start, vintage 1985 in many cases did not produced wine that aged well, wines that had a...

  • by Redazione 10/06/20

    Third series on YouTube: DoctorWine Tastes

    Daniele Cernilli, with the DoctorWine tasting series, guides us to the discovery of new wines from his personal...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 08/06/20

    Wine in the future

    The boom in online sales, along with those in large retail distributors, will result in sales policy changes on...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 01/06/20

    1982: A mixed blessing

    The heat and drought of 1982 produced bold reds with softer tannins, making them easier to drink when young and...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 25/05/20

    Tignanello at 50

    Tignanello got off to a slow start to then become an icon of Tuscan and Italian quality wine worldwide. While it...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 18/05/20

    Once upon a time: 1971

    Aside from being an excellent vintage, 1971 was a watershed year for producers who became convinced they could...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 11/05/20

    A homage to Italian restaurants

    There is nostalgia for Italy’s the many, many restaurants, each great in their own way and important for the...

  • by Redazione 05/05/20

    DoctorWine’s wines of the restart

    After the Wines of Quarantine, Daniele Cernilli continues irresistibly to present his personal wine cellar by...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 04/05/20

    Wine people

    Wine people are Made in Italy at its best and constitute the architrave for the tourism, hospitality and food...

  • by Daniele Cernilli 27/04/20

    On the razor’s edge

    An executive board is urgently needed that can make swift decisions in support of the wine sector that, like many...

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  • Remembering Bonilli

    by Daniele Cernilli 08/03/20

    It’s been six years since Stefano Bonilli left us suddenly and prematurely, leaving a void in...


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