Primitivo a family passion

by Katiuscia Rotoloni 06/08/18
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Cosimo Schifone Masseria Cicella Primitivo del Salento 2016

The Schifone family has been producing wines for almost 70 years at their Masseria Cicella winery mostly using Primitivo grapes, with which they make this very pleasing Primitivo del Salento 2016.

Pietro Schifone is winegrower in love with his land who in the 1950s began to produce quality wine at his estate that has vineyards planted by sea in a triangular area between the towns of Torricella, Sava and Lizzano, in the province of Taranto, which is very suite for Primitivo di Manduria. Here the red-clay soil, created by the disintegration of limestone rich in minerals and iron, the so-called “red-earth”, is known for its fertility and excellent drainage.

The vines are head-trained and have an average age of 30 years, with those 50-60 years old used for the reserve wines. Grandfather Pietrostill runs the estate today with the help of his son and grandchildren to whom he has passed on his passion for this sun-filled land.

I was impressed by their Primitivo del Salento IGT, a wine that thanks to its characteristics and alluring price can every day offer pleasing sensations to any meal.

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