Poggio al Tesoro: the Allegrini family in Tuscany

by Livia Belardelli 10/05/17
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Poggio al Tesoro, da Allegrini in Toscana

The Poggio al Tesoro estate is an investment that the Allegrini family made in Bolgheri and it has confirmed the greatness of this territory with some excellent results. 

Summer is now just a memory and there has finally been some rain but I can still clearly remember when I drove up the Cyprus-lined road to Bolgheri in mid-summer to visit Poggio al Tesoro, one of the two estates in Tuscany owned by the Allegrini family, historic wine producers in Valpolicella.

I was met by Marilisa Allegrini who was as lively and volcanic as ever and had just arrived from their other Tuscan estate San Polo, in Montalcino. We had lunch in the dining room overlooking the swimming pool that was like a lake perfectly blended into the landscape. Before changing with her typical nonchalance from high heels to shoes more suited for giving us a tour of the vineyards, Marisa gave us a rundown of the estate’s history.

It was Marisa’s late brother Walter Allegrini who wanted create a new estate in Bolgheri where they could select plots to best bring out the soul, identity, elegance and depth of this territory. His project became Poggio al Tesoro, 70 hectares of vineyards spread out in four parcels in and around in Bolgheri with different terroirs for different grape varieties. Two parcels are on the Via Bolgherese road, another is very close to the sea and the last in the town of Bibbona. The two on the Bolgheri road have sandy soil rich in gravel and are cultivated with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, while the Merlot grows where there more clay. Aside from the red wine grapes, they also cultivate Vermentino and Viognier, the first in the Le Sondraie vineyard and the second in Valle di Cerbaia.

With Marisa at the wheel, we explored every angle of all the vineyards and despite coming from a family with a consolidated history of winemaking, she had with the enthusiasm of someone engaging in a project for the first time. We tasted the grapes to ascertain their different stages of maturation and touched the leaves that were fresh and vital despite the torrid August heat.

At the end we went to the winery amid the barrels, stainless steel vats and amphorae for future use. The delicate presence of Walter, the heart and soul of this new project, can be felt everywhere, from the splendid tree in the vineyard, to the wine Cassiopea and the estate’s top-of-the-line wine, Dedicato a Walter, a pure Cabernet Franc of great elegance and charm.



Poggio al Tesoro

Owner : Allegrini family
Via Bolgherese, 189B - Frazione Bolgheri
57022 Castagneto Carducci (LI)
Tel. +39 0565 765245
Fax +39 0565 765749
Facebook : PoggioAlTesoro
Year of foundation : 2002
Total bottles produced : 283.000
Hectares of vineyard : 60

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