Fazio Wines looking ahead to the future

by Riccardo Viscardi 07/27/16
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Cantina Fazio, proiettata nel futuro

When you arrive at the Fazio estate it is immediately evident that it was originally a wheat farm with its wide spaces and giant silos embellished by separators which are still impressive today. Some silos are still leased for grain storage by neighboring farms. However, it is also clear that the estate is now dedicated to wine production. The area dedicated to grape pressing is cutting-edge as are the machines that select the grapes and all the other necessary equipment, from the refrigerator systems to those used for ‘reductive’ winemaking which has made a major contribution to the rebirth of Sicilian white wines. It is a mystery why the estate’s name is in English, Fazio Wines, as opposed to Cantina Fazio or some other Italian name but what is clear is that this estate is looking ahead to the future. Their vision of the future is centered on indigenous grapes which are transformed using very modern approaches as well as some interesting neo-classical ones. Studies into the aromatic precursors of white grapes and a modification of the favor profile of red wines, in order to establish a greater connection with the land, is evident in the estate’s more important lines.

The vineyards are situated around Erice with different exposures, soils and altitudes. The soils vary from sandy to various compositions with more tuff to decidedly meager soil at the higher altitudes, around 600m above sea level. Also of great interest is the attention the estate pays to aging in wood where everything is under control in regard to temperature and humidity with nothing left to chance. Thanks to such a solid technical base, the estate has developed an eclectic style that can respond to market trends, while at the same time producing some top quality and interesting wines based on the characteristics of the individual vineyards and varietals.

During our visit we were most impressed by the wines review below. The same wines also made an impression during an excellent ‘homemade’ meal offered to us by the Fazio family proving how their wines can be both gastronomic and hedonistic at the same time.

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