Simply Jura

by Francesco Annibali 08/24/16
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Semplicemente Jura

In the long stretch that brings it to the Rhone River, the Saona River not only acts as Burgundy’s backbone but it also separates this region from that of Jura. This later and semi-mountainous area produces only 1% of France’s wine and has a cold continental climate with hot summers and frigid winters. Today Jura is benefitting from what up until recently many considered to be a limit: not having any foreign varietals. Chardonnay, on the other hand, has been cultivated here for centuries.

Domaine Ganevat produces some 20 different wines from its six hectares of vineyards. Having trained at the neighboring Domaine Morey in Burgundy, owner Jean-Francois is considered a beacon for his colleagues throughout the region.

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