San Fereolo, an outstanding Dogliani

by Francesco Annibali 12/14/17
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San Fereolo, an outstanding Dogliani

Often overlooked by wine experts, Dolcetto can offer great satisfaction, especially if it’s from Dogliani, where the San Fereolo wine estate is located. 

It is difficult to talk about San Fereolo’s wonderful Dogliani wines without repeating oneself. An exceptional producer in this Piedmont appellation that is often overlooked by wine lovers, San Fereolo has come out with a Dogliani 2016 that is simply unforgettable.

Like all the best wines of an appellation, this San Fereolo 2016 is much more than just a ready-to-drink wine that can age. It is excellent right now and will improve for many years to come. This propensity to age in the bottle is somewhat disguised and not just when it is young.

Another aspect that should be noted is the area’s other historic limit of having been penalized from the beginning by an inadequate image that did not capture the interest of the great gourmet chefs and wine experts. And this despite the fact that it is possibly one of the Italian reds that best adapts to everyday cuisine. This is especially true when it is the Dogliani produced by Nicoletta Bocca, the owner of San Fereolo, a winemaker of unusual seriousness and dedication who for years now has been a beacon and standard bearer for this area adored by the more attentive wine lover. The latter have much to look forward to in the coming years because Nicoletta adding a new Dogliani alongside San Fereolo distinguished by its levity and dynamism.

San Fereolo 
Owner : Nicoletta Bocca
Borgata Valdibà, 59 - Località San Fereolo
12063 Dogliani (CN)
Tel. +39 0173 742075
Fax +39 0173 388208
Year of foundation:  1992
Total Bottles produced : 46.000
Hectares of vineyards:  12

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