by Daniele Cernilli 05/30/12
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Su Sette

Someone for sure will complain that I am again going on a bit too much about myself. Okay, this time it is true. But I want to share with Doctor Wine's readers and friends the satisfaction I felt when Pierpaolo Vercesi, the editor of Corriere della Sera's magazine Sette, asked me to write a column on wine for this weekly. I believe it is every journalist's dream to write for Corriere della Sera, the same way every soccer player wants to play for Real Madrid. This will give me an opportunity to give advice to a lot of readers and recommend to a vast public smaller and lesser-known wineries, which otherwise would find it difficult to get such exposure.

Obviously, Doctor Wine's philosophy of 'everything good bottle by bottle' will be the guiding light of this new task, that will see me review 156 bottles of wine a year, many of which will be chosen based on a quality/price criteria. I will write about the so-called 'natural' wines and commercial wines (those that are not impossible to find), and I will also try to say something brief about the land and the people who produced the wine. Of course it will have to be short since I will be limited to some 600 spaces. In any case, as of May 18, you will find my column every Friday in Sette. I hope you read it and then give me your opinions. Even criticism. I almost forgot, I will include my ratings out of 100, so Pofessor Attilio Scienza can get angry again...

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