Villa di Corlo and Grasparossa

by Vinogodi 11/26/15
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Villa di Corlo e il Grasparossa

The name of the winery is that of the splendid 17th century home that hosts its cellar and looks like a Gironde chateau. Villa di Corlo is a fairly large estate in the province of Modena with almost 100 hectares of land of which 25 hectares are vineyards.

Although the history of Villa di Corlo and the family that runs it is almost a century old, they did not begin to make wine from their own grapes until 1998, preferring beforehand to sell them to important local wineries. The decision was inspired by a desire to produce an excellent wine from an area that up until then certainly did not stand out for offering any sensorial pleasures. In order to achieve excellence they took drastic technical steps including reducing yield to almost ridiculous levels and making the winery exasperatingly clean and equipped with cutting-edge technology to allow for cold fermentation and letting the wine sit long to obtain its effervescence. In time these choices proved to be winning ones and their Lambrusco is now one of the best in the district. Innovation and passion continue today to be key in obtaining excellence in the glass.

Their broad range wines include those not only made with Lambrusco Grasprarossa grapes but also Lambrusco Sorbara. Their Ca’ del Vento estate in the Reggio Hills, on the other hand, pro3duces some splendid wines from international varieties.

And they also make some exceptional vinegar.

For me, their best wines are those made from Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes which aside from a very luscious Lambrusco di Castelvetro Amabile includes their top-of-the-line Corletto.

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