Amarcord Campania Felix (1): the “Super Campanians”

by Vinogodi 02/27/18
2001 |
amarcord campania felix i supercampani vini rossi campania

These are wines that are almost 20 years old, produced in the heyday of Campania wines, which are still explosive for both their boldness and elegance.

Around the beginning of the new millennium, a new force was emerging on national and international wine scenes. The region of Campania had become the promise land for Italian winemaking and this for its whites but, most of all, for its red wines. The reds are for the most part made from the Aglianico grape and they are bold, incisive, gripping and have an extraordinary lifespan. Critics adored them and the wines were winning prizes lift and right.

This was not a flash in the pan but an authentic wine rebirth made possible thanks to inspired winemakers and the evolution of positive new methods and technologies. Aglianico was considered, and in my view rightfully so, the “Nebbiolo of the South”, above all due to certain characteristics including its youthful and imposing tannins and, equally important, the capacity the wines have to age which is difficult to match.

A tasting of wines from that period, which means they have achieved full maturity, resulted in to some extraordinary surprises for those taking part or, for the more seasoned wine critics, some extraordinary confirmations. As we often do, we have divided this article into various installments. This first one is dedicated to the Super Campanian wines, which are for the most part Sangiovese-based blends but not exclusively, made with grapes from areas that were not always regarded as the best for winegrowing. These wines are idolized abroad and, above all, are distinguished by their exceptional personality, amazing organoleptic qualities and unusual boldness.

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