Romagna nostra

by Daniele Cernilli 05/29/23
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Romagna nostra

We have all seen the images of the flooding that recently devastated the region of Romagna and which words cannot describe. We hope our friends in Romagna will pull through this as soon as possible with the strength, courage and positive attitude they are known for.

No words can fully express the tragedy and disaster that struck Romagna May 16 and 17 and which devastated the region. Its residents will, obviously, pull through this because they are strong, courageous and upbeat, but now they need everyone’s solidarity and support.

I have been in contact with our friends in Romagna, with Ruenza Santandrea, Alessandro Rossi, Patrizio Gorini and Francesco Bordini, who described the dramatic moments they and many others have experienced. I have clear in my mind the memory of that countryside, of those vineyards that, as Veronelli would say, I “walked” over the past two years to take part in the creation the book Romagna a Mosaic of Life, published by the Consorzio Vini di Romagna, and which also involved the collaboration of, among others, Carlo Lucarelli, Marisa Fontana, a formidable agronomist, and even singer Gianni Morandi.

I can close my eyes and see the vineyards of Modigliana and Brisighella, which have suffered major damage, as well as those of Marzeno, Bertinoro and Imola. I would like to embrace all my winemaking friends, those who have helped me fully understand those areas and the people who live there. This is not enough, obviously, but I’ll come up with something and quickly because they need to pick themselves up as soon as possible.

The photos we published are from the social media, they were forwarded to me by Ruenza Santandrea, and underscore the personality of the people of Romagna, people who don’t give up and who, even in difficult times, often have a smile on their face and a quip for everyone. Hang in there, my friends, I am with you and will find some way to lend a hand as soon as possible.

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