Pizza and Chiaretto, a perfect match

by Stefania Vinciguerra 05/19/16
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Pizza e Chiaretto binomio perfetto

Last autumn the Consorzio Tutela Vino Bardolino DOC launched a campaign to promote the consumption of Chiaretto in pizzerias, considering the Bardolino rosé perfect to pair with any pizza, more so than a beer or soft drink. According to Consorzio President Franco Cristofoletti. “Chiaretto, the rosé from Lake Garda, pairs excellently with pizza because its citrusy freshness makes it eclectic, easily fitting to accompany the various ingredients the creativity of the pizzaiolo wishes to add to the dough. This beginning with tomato or mozzarella, which classically pair well with Chiaretto, as well as cold cuts, anchovies, mushrooms and greens, all which are perfect matches for Bardolino Chiaretto. Tasting is believing”.

The following is a Chiaretto from Cavalchina, an estate perhaps better-known for its Custoza (it was the first estate to use this name for its white wine). Its wines have a classic style with great care taken in the vineyards and experimentation in the winery.

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