Flowers in the hills

by Livia Belardelli 02/02/16
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Fiori tra le colline

The hills around Todi are green and filled with vineyards set in a natural silence. The Roccafiore winery here has 12 hectares of organically cultivated land. Luca Baccarelli is a young and enthusiastic producer who stands out for his humility and readiness to experiment. We met up for lunch at favorite place for Doctor Wine staff, the Baccano restaurant in Rome. He brought with him his new Grechetto wines for which he has made a significant investment. They based on the example set by someone in the area he considers a guiding light: Sergio Mottura. Riccardo Viscardi has already written about his wines in a previous article and today we present his Fiordaliso, a Grechetto di Todi DOC made in stainless steel and which, thanks to its interesting price, inaugurates our new Under 10 section.

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