A great wine, a small price

by Dario Cappelloni 02/16/16
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Grande vino, piccolo prezzo

Terlano is a lovely little town of just over 4,000 inhabitants between Bolzano and Merano that sits below the Tschöggelberg cliff. The first thing that impresses any wine lover is how small vineyards are tucked high in the cliff despite the altitude and incredible pitch of the terrain.

Cantina Terlano is Alto Adige’s oldest wine cooperative being founded in 1893. Its 145 members annually produce 1.4 million bottles of wine, 70% white, from some 170 hectares of vineyards and they are assisted at the winery by a technical staff hard to match for its professionalism and skill. For years the winery has been producing some of the greatest white wines in the world. This is a fact that anyone who has tasted these wines with any consistency can confirm.

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