Cantina Ninni, a “devil” of a producer

by Dario Cappelloni 05/28/19
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Cantina Ninni, a “devil” of a producer

Gianluca Piernera’s young winery and estate are the product of a passion more than desire to make money and his wines are evidence of this.

Cantina Ninni is in the town of Spoleto, within the DOC areas of Trebbiano Spoletino and Monti Martani. Gianluca Piernera is an electrician by trade who has an authentic passion for wine and after five years of making wine exclusively for himself and friends, he decided to market his wine with his first product coming out in 2012. And we liked it.

The soil of his vineyard is primarily clay with a substrata of marl and the ground is totally covered with grass. The soil is never treated with chemicals and the vines are only fertilized with natural products based on marine algae and all interventions in the vineyard are rigorously done using only products allowed in organic farming. The wines ferment spontaneously.

The wines reflect the territory and distinguished by winegrowing methods that over the years have evolved to bring out the most from the vines. Although the estate’s more important products are its Trebbiano Spolentino and the red Diavolacciu, here we look at another red that is surprising for its personality and how pleasing it is, as well as its extremely convenient price.


Sanbastiano 2016    

92/100 - € 9

Made from Sangiovese grapes and matured for two months in large barrels, then four months in barriques and later three months in stainless steel vats. The wine has a bright, ruby color and a fruity aroma that is not exuberant by enriched by sensations of graphite and spice. The agile mouthfeel is nervous yet has elegant tannins and is juicy, fragrant and very pleasing with a long and vibrant finish.

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