Brewer of the year 2019: the award ceremony

by Editorial Staff 01/24/20
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Birraio dell'anno 2019: la premiazione

Matteo Pomposini and Cecilia Scisciani from the Marche region MC77 win the Beer of the Year 2019 award. Vincenzo Follino del Campano Bonavena is awarded the title of Emerging Brewer of the Year.

There are two names pronounced by the stage of the theater TuscanyHall in Florence and engraved on the crystal of the coveted Beer of the Year 2019 award: Matteo Pomposini and Cecilia Scisciani of the brewery MC77. A young couple from the Marche region who have been producing beers in Serrapetrona in the Macerata area since 2013: liquid emotions able to seduce the 100 judges identified by Fermento Birra, organizer of the award and of the related festival, who judged their work as the best of 2019, among the more than 600 potentially voted brewers.
After all, it was a year to be framed for the small brewery in the Marche region that was able to reap the fruits sown over time and cultivated with study, sacrifice, technological improvements, growth in production skills, educational trips, creativity and passion. A mix that gave life to exciting products capable of reaping critical and public acclaim, especially among hop lovers. Beers like Breaking Hops, double IPA of 7,2° alc. powerful and satisfying with its tropical, resinous and floral scents, or as the "trilogy" composed by the juicy Velvet Suite, Bowtie and Billy Cock, among the best national examples of New England IPA. Beers that have helped to trace an Italian hop route by bringing back to the center the balance between ingredients and demonstrating how it is not necessary, but rather deleterious, to load important quantities of hops in an unwise way. Have power without loss of control, open the olfactory arc thanks to the teamwork of ingredients, amaze without special effects. In other words: surprise with simplicity, a simplicity that can also be found in the faces and manners of Matteo and Cecilia, who humbly began brewing beer after their passion for malts and hops had burst forth, immediately after that of love, among the desks of the university in Rome. A dream fuelled along the state road 77, a road they travelled countless times, which led them to open a brewery, as well as suggesting the name of the brewery itself. 
A wide range of MC77s that attests to a non-sector-specific skill, where there are beers of German inspiration, such as the proudly Teutonic Glu Glu Kölsch, or Belgian, such as the blanche San Lorenzo, with its surprising variation with hibiscus flowers, Fleur Sofronia. There is no lack of a territorial vocation that takes concrete form with beers such as the Queen Bee, which includes local honey, and its seasonal version, the Winter Queen Bee, produced with the addition of Vernaccia di Serrapetrona sapa. So after being awarded as best emerging in 2015, Matteo and Cecilia deservedly raise to heaven the Brewer of the Year 2019. 
Among the winners of this eleventh edition we find, for the second year in a row, Giovanni Faenza of the Ritual Lab of Formello (RM). Third another from the Marche region, Marco Raffaeli from the Mukkeller brewery in Porto Sant'Elpidio (FM). Out of the podium, fourth, another from Lazio, Conor Gallagher Deeks from the Hilltop brewery in Bassano Romano (VT) and fifth a Lombard, Marco Sabatti from the Porta Bruciata brewery in Rodengo Saiano (BS).
In the hard-fought category of up-and-coming brewers with less than two years of experience at the helm of a brewery, Vincenzo Follino from the Bonavena brewery in Faicchio (BN) triumphed over just under two hundred votes, convincing everyone with a series of beers that were technically perfect, surgical in their execution, and also succeeding in proposing little-known and certainly not fashionable styles. Second step of the podium for Andrea Filippini of the Siemàn brewery in Villaga (VI), third Davide Galliussi of the War brewery in Cassina De' Pecchi (MI), fourth Angelo Ruggiero of the Lieviteria brewery in Castellana Grotte (BA), fifth Mauro Bertoletti of the Mister B brewery in San Giorgio Bigarello (MN).

Brewer of the Year 2019

1° Matteo Pomposini e Cecilia Scisciani del birrificio MC77 di Serrapetrona (MC)
2° Giovanni Faenza del birrificio Ritual Lab di Formello (RM)
3° Marco Raffaeli del birrificio Mukkeller di Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM)
4° Conor Gallagher Deeks del birrificio Hilltop di Bassano Romano (VT)
5° Marco Sabatti del birrificio Porta Bruciata di Rodengo Saiano (BS)
6° Samuele Cesaroni della Brasseria della Fonte di Pienza (SI)
7° Emanuele Longo del Birrificio Lariano di Dolzago (LC)
8° Josif Vezzoli del birrificio Birra Elvo di Graglia (BI)
9° Luigi D’Amelio del birrificio Extraomnes di Marnate (VA)
10° Luciano Landolfi del birrificio Eastside di Latina
11° Gino Perissutti del birrificio Foglie d’Erba di Forni di Sopra (UD)
12° Agostino Arioli del Birrificio Italiano di Limido Comasco (CO)
13° Alessio Selvaggio del birrificio Croce di Malto di Trecate (NO)
14° Fabio Brocca del Birrificio Lambrate di Milano
15° Luigi Recchiuti del birrificio Opperbacco di Notaresco (TE)
16° Mauro Salaorni del birrificio Birra Mastino di San Martino Buon Albergo (VR)
17° Marco Ruffa del birrificio CR/AK di Campodarsego (PD)
18° Alessio Gatti del birrificio Canediguerra di Alessandria
19° Luana Meola e Luca Maestrini del birrificio Birra Perugia di Perugia
20° Giorgio Masio del birrificio Altavia di Sassello (SV)

Emerging Brewer Ranking 2019

1° Vincenzo Follino del birrificio Bonavena Brewing di Faicchio (BN)
2° Andrea Filippini del birrificio Siemàn di Villaga (VI)
3° Davide Galliussi del birrificio War di Cassina De' Pecchi (MI)
4° Angelo Ruggiero del birrificio Lieviteria di Castellana Grotte (BA)
5° Mauro Bertoletti del birrificio Mister B di San Giorgio Bigarello (MN)

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