Fiorentino, a Taurasi that is a real find

by Daniele Cernilli 05/23/17
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Fiorentino, un Taurasi da scoop

Tasting and re-tasting Fiorentino’s Taurasi 2012 confirmed that this wine promises great things 

In my profession it is great to discover new wines that can even impress an old wine taster like myself. This happens to me every once in a while and the latest was during the Campania Stories wine event, which is one of the loveliest, most interesting and best organized in Italy.

The wine that literally knocked me out there was a 2012 Taurasi from the Fiorentino winery, which I tasted again at Vinitaly just to make sure and my first impressions were more than confirmed. It was made by Gianni Fiorentino, a passionate producer who returned to run his family’s tiny estate, in Paternopoli, and brought in as his enologist Lorenzo Landi, who was named Enologist of the Year in our Essential Guide to Italian Wine 2017.

The result was a line of well-made, reliable and territorial wines that in some cases are truly extraordinary. This Taurasi 2012 is his showcase wine of which only 2,000 bottles were made. While it is made using modern techniques, this is not a modern wine and it has a long life ahead of it.


Owner : Gianni Fiorentino
Contrada Barbassano, snc
83052 Paternopoli (AV)
Tel. +39 347 4869310
Fax +39 0827 71463
Skype: vinophone
Facebook : fiorentinowines
Twitter: @fiorentinowines
Year of foundation: 2012
Bottles produced: 12.000
Hectars of vineyard: 4

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