Accademia Olearia in Alghero, Sardinia

by Marco Oreggia e Laura Marinelli 10/26/17
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Accademia Olearia in Alghero, Sardinia

A large estate with 25,000 olive trees, 4 generation of Fois family, an ample and strong Extra Virgin Olive oil: Accademia Olearia Gran Riserva Giuseppe Fois.

This estate is an important point of reference of regional olive growing. Accademia Olearia, in the district of Alghero, can boast four generations of olive growers. Today it is run by Giuseppe Fois and his family, who control the whole production chain, from the field to the bottle.

The large estate covers 200 hectares with 25,000 trees. In the last harvest 8,600 quintals of olives were produced, equal to a yield of about 1,360 hectoliters of oil. We recommend the very good extra virgin selection Gran Riserva Giuseppe Fois.

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