The extraordinary certainty of Calafè wines

by Antonella Amodio 11/23/17
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The extraordinary certainty of Calafè wines

Calafè is a small winery in Irpinia that only produces Greco di Tufo and Taurasi, the first saline and structured and the latter bold and fine. 

Benito Petrillo is an expert in publishing, a scholar on the area of Irpinia and the owner of the small winery Calafè, in Pratola Serra. Calafè in an acronym for Camilla, Laura and Federica, Benito’s grandchildren who will pass on his passion and respect for nature to the family’s future generations.

Visiting the Calafè winery is an opportunity to be surprised by and enjoy details that allow you to recognize the differences between actions that only appear to be the same and to be amazed by the persistent quest for quality that Benito has for his wines.

He only produces white Greco di Tufo and red Taurasi wines and only in years he considers worthy. Benito’s vineyards are around the winery as well as in other locations. The Greco di Tufo vineyard is in the zone of Prata di Principato Ultra that runs along the eight towns of the appellation. The soil is composed of sulfur masses and is rich is limestone that gives the wine salinity and structure. This is where, only in the best years, the cru Tufo Ariavecchia comes from.

The Aglianico grapes for the Taurasi are cultivated in Montemarano and Castelfranci – two areas that sit at an altitude of 500m above sea level – which have a fresh climate and sharp temperature references between day and night. The principle characteristics this terroir gives to the wine are finesse and boldness.

Calafè wines are made to defy time and having a long lifespan they only unveil themselves over time. For this reason, as well as the regulations governing the appellation, the wines are matured for a long time to allow them to stabilize naturally in order to better bring out the characteristics of the varietals and the terroir.

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