Irpinia wines with character from Petilia

by Antonella Amodio 06/26/18
1883 |
Fratelli Carmine, Roberto e Teresa Bruno Cantina Petilia

Meticulous care of the vineyards and non-invasive methods in the winery are the rule at the Petilia estate.

Siblings Roberto and Teresa Bruno dedicate all their available resources to care for their 20 hectares of vineyards in Campofiorito, in Altavilla Irpinia, amid flowers and herbs and unique panoramas.

The vineyards are situated in the towns of Arpaise, Lapio, Candida, Chianche and Altavilla Irpinia. Roberto is in charge of the vineyards and the winery and was the driving force behind Petilia, the first to believe in it and invest his time and money. After he decided that this path was that of nature, the land and wine, his enthusiasm was so great he also got his sister Teresa involved.

Teresa, aside from dealing with clients and distributors, also works in the vineyard, hunts and drives a tractor. She is a bright woman with a lot of personality, qualities that can also be found in the wine. Using native varietals, the Petilia estate produces wines that have a distinct structure, freshness and aroma and that in a refined and unmistakable way express the magical land of Irpinia.

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