The product of a great voyage

by Francesco Annibali 05/18/16
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Figlio di un grande viaggio

There are many wines that are the product of a place and then there are others that are the product of a voyage or an exchange or a meeting of cultures.

Madeira is a prime example of the second group.

The wine has an almost infinite capacity to age, as evidenced by the fact that British importers still sell bottles from the 19th century, and none other than Hugh Johnson has defined it as “possibly the greatest wine in the world”. However, for Italian wine lovers it is practically impossible to find even in the best wine shops.

This is a European wine, the island of Madeira being one of continent’s furthest points west, created by African sailors from Morocco on their way to the Americas.

The wine has a gypsy soul, you might say, a trait impressed in its DNA through the technique of estufagem process of deliberate heating, and it is an incarnation of the places and torrid voyages that in modern times created this soul and made the wine unique.

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