My my (VikeVike) Simone

by Dario Cappelloni 10/02/17
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Guarda guarda (VikeVike) Simone

VikeVike is the name of a Cannonau wine with a definite personality produced by Simone Cadinu, a winemaker from a winemaking family. 

Simone Cadinu is a winemaker from a winemaking family in the Mamoiada area of Sardinia where he has set up his own estate. Although his production is limited, each wine precisely reflects local tradition. This is above all true of his Cannonau but also his Granazza and Moscato which all respect tradition but without losing sight of technical correctness (Stefano is an enologist). And this is consistent with his decision to opt for using biodynamic methods. In local dialect, VikeVike means “my my” (literally “see see”).

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