A solid inheritance

by Katiuscia Rotoloni 01/25/16
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Una solida eredità

The association for the promotion of DOC Colli Euganei wines not long ago offered some of their best products at a presentation organized at the splendid Palazzo Rospigliosi.

Among the producers present, all of impeccable quality, one that caught my attention was Tenuta Gambalonga. Emanuele and his wife Michela brought four wines from their line of production for tasting and one of them surprised me with its unusual balance and elegance: Jelmo, a dry Fior d’Arancio wine. This rare Moscato Giallo wine, better known in its sweet version, is the jewel in this zone’s crown and Emanuele, the current owner of this winery - that has produced quality wines with a consistent family tradition since 1902 – named it after his grandfather Guglielmo, known to friends and family as Jelmo.

The ancient volcanic soil and the experience acquired over generations, together with a low yield and use of modern machinery in the winery, have created a wine, of which only a few bottles are produced, that best expresses the grape and the land it grows in.

Here we look at vintage 2013, while the estate decided to skip 2014 and go straight to 2014.

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