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by Redazione 11/27/19
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Talk show dedicated to the formation of the room and great tasting for the preview of the XVI exhibition VitignoItalia scheduled in May at Castel dell'Ovo in Naples.

On Sunday 24th the great tasting of the VitignoItalia 2020 Preview took place in Naples. The event was also enriched by the talk show that brought together a parterre of exception to take stock of a theme of great topicality in the restaurant industry, especially when it comes to wine, namely the work in the room. In the crowded spaces of the Vesuvio hotel, Livia Iaccarino (Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant), Alessandro Perricone (Relæ restaurant in Copenhagen) and Giuseppe Palmieri (maître and sommelier of the Osteria Francescana in Modena and new ambassador of VitignoItalia 2020) were in fact the protagonists of the meeting "Sala e Vino: the importance of the human factor" - moderated by Maurizio Teti and Maurizio Cortese, respectively director and partner of VitignoItalia - which also brought together on stage journalists Eleonora Cozzella (Gruppo Repubblica - L'Espresso) and Giuseppe Cerasa (Director of Le Guide di Repubblica).

"The future of sales of Italian wine on the tables - explains Giuseppe Palmieri - no longer depends only on the product and the producer, but also on those who will be able to invest in training. The latter is a decisive theme that is inextricably linked to the concept of network, that is to say the need to put the resources in the room in order to achieve positive results in terms of communication and the relationship of trust with the customer. This job, beyond style, requires a deep passion for the room and responds to the principles of honesty and loyalty. Sewing on the jersey of your team and remaining faithful to a project and a dream are therefore the two key factors of hospitality together with the high level of professionalism. I have the good fortune to accompany the greatest cook in Italian history for twenty years and I can say that serving is a very difficult task, as well as keeping up with the kitchen of Massimo Bottura. But I'm sure that the human factor, together with the creations and skills of the chef, is the ingredient of the future, capable of making a difference in a local also from an economic point of view.
Livia Iaccarino also stressed the importance of the work in the dining room, and during her speech she placed particular emphasis on the ability to interpret the needs and desires of the consumer: "The room is a magical place, which must envelop and overwhelm the guests through careful psychological work and great attention. It is necessary to know how to be present without ever being intrusive. We are ambassadors of the excellence of a territory, not just waiters, and it is therefore essential to feel an integral part of a project. The wine list is still an important aspect, but what makes the difference is always the passion of the restaurateur.
Alessandro Perricone also spoke about the motivation of the collaborators: "In Copenhagen I manage 130 employees and it is therefore essential to motivate everyone. For me the room is first of all friendship, education and empathy. The beauty of my job is to understand who is in front of you, especially for an Italian like me who sees more and more appreciate the Italian wine in the city where I live.
A profession, therefore, that according to the journalist Eleonora Cozzella: "It's something to be proud of and for which there is so much to work for. And young people must see it as a goal, not as a passage". In summary, as the journalist Giuseppe Cerasa said: "The hall is an orchestral work. It is not enough to have a great maître and sommelier who works as a soloist to achieve and maintain success".

In addition to this talk show dedicated to the service in the room literally sold out, the Preview VitignoItalia 2020 showed 500 labels for tasting, 100 companies from all over Italy, 1400 participants including enthusiasts and operators in an exceptional tasting desk dedicated to the best expressions of Italian wine. A sort of vernissage in grand style that anticipated the 16th edition of the Salone dei Vini e dei Territori Vitivinicoli Italiani (Italian Wines and Wine-Growing Areas Exhibition) scheduled for May 2020 at Castel dell'Ovo.
"As per tradition - explains Chicco De Pasquale, president of VitignoItalia - our Preview is an exclusive preview that well summarizes the soul and vocation of VitignoItalia, now an event of undisputed importance on the national scene, so as to grow year after year from a numerical and qualitative point of view and to win more and more attention from the public and professionals. Once again this year we have proposed great labels representing 15 regions from North to South of the Peninsula, Campania in the lead, trying to make the most of the varied Italian vineyard that has proved once again a powerful attractor for both experienced tasters and newcomers. This Preview was also made special by the appointment of the new ambassador of VitignoItalia to Giuseppe Palmieri, maître and sommelier of the Osteria Francescana in Modena, who will be responsible for representing the Salone for 2020, as happened in the previous season with Mariella Caputo, patron saint of the Taverna del Capitano".
Anteprima VitignoItalia 2020 was held in collaboration with the Campania Region and ICE - Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian companies and under the patronage of the City of Naples. Main sponsor of the event: UniCredit, Pastificio Di Martino, Kimbo, Caputo, Fiart Rent, Solania. Technical sponsors: Barbarulo, IP Industrie, VDGLASS, Winterhalter.

By: Ufficio Stampa VitignoItalia

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