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by Redazione 03/26/20
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Progetto SIMPOSIO per longevità Soave

University of Verona and Consorzio Tutela Soave together for research: this time longevity is studied. Funded a new project on the study of the shelf life of wine.

The new project is called SIMPOSIO (Development of a portable architecture for the implementation of predictive models for the shelf-life of Soave wine). The new project involves the Soave Consortium, the Biotechnology and Computer Science Departments of the University of Verona and the company EDALAB, financed by the Veneto region and aimed at developing new technologies for predicting the shelf-life of Soave wines.
Being able to predict the shelf-life of a wine, i.e. its ability to withstand the stresses of storage and transport, represents, in today's highly internationalized market, a valuable support for producers. However, to date, predicting a wine's shelf-life remains a difficult objective to achieve, especially given the limited analytical capabilities of some wineries.
Compared to other projects more focused on the use of complex and expensive analysis techniques, SIMPOSIO aims to create a system of classification of the shelf-life of Soave wines based on electrochemical and colorimetric analyses that can be easily implemented in the cellar, combining IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for the development of the predictive model. This developed predictive system can be used in the winery as a decision support to the winemaker in the improvement of production techniques aimed at increasing the shelf-life of wines, for the reduction of SO2 doses and as a decision support in the market positioning of the wines produced. 
It is therefore a very useful tool to understand the characteristics that make Soave a white wine that is best expressed through refinement in the bottle. In Soave, the longevity of white wines began to be talked about in the early 2000s with the event "All the colours of white". The evolution of white wines is in fact one of the most interesting oenological phenomena. For this reason the research, in order to give the producers of Soave a new and innovative key, especially for the valorisation of the cru recently approved also by the European Community, has been carried out.
"The Consorzio del Soave confirms itself as one of the most attentive to innovation - explains Aldo Lorenzoni, director of the Consorzio del Soave - at the moment we are following a dozen or so projects together with the Universities of Veneto, from Venice, Padua and Verona, aimed at sustainable viticulture, landscape protection and innovation in the wine sector. We are working in synergy with our companies, responding to the challenges they face every day. The results will therefore be shared and made available so that they become the heritage of all".
Source: Consorzio Tutela Vini Soave e Recioto di Soave Communication Office.

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