The Italy of DOP Tourism, the network of quality food and wine experiences is born

by Editorial Staff 06/20/22
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Minister Garavaglia: "Working together with the Consorzi di tutela on the strategic plan for the food and wine sector."

A project to promote food and wine tourism related to Italian PDO PGI food and wine products, starting from the experiences of the Protection Consortia and member companies: was the theme at the center of the Turismo DOP meeting-organized by the Consorzio di tutela dell'Olio Riviera Ligure DOP and Fondazione Qualivita as part of Oliveti Aperti 2022-held in the evocative setting of Lucinasco, with the participation of Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia, Liguria Region Vice President and Agriculture Councillor Alessandro Piana and Liguria Region Tourism Councillor Giovanni Berrino.
Accompanied by the friendly participation of Ligurian comedian Dario Vergassola, representatives from the DOP IGP world and the tourism sector, local authorities and institutions, shared the vision of the project promoted by Fondazione Qualivita and Origin Italia, which aims to establish a network of consortiums and businesses engaged in experiential tourism activities on Italian DOP IGP products, to develop innovative and systemic tools capable of dialoguing, in Italy and abroad, with the new and growing food and wine tourism market.
In Italy, the tourism sector generates 210 billion in added value, equal to 6 percent of the national total (Istat), and the role played by the food-travel binomial is increasingly strong: if in 2016 in our country one tourist out of five (21 percent) chose a destination mainly motivated by the food and wine experience, in 2021 this happens for more than one tourist out of two (55 percent) - Italian Food and Wine Tourism Report 2021. Today there is a strong interest among travelers to go beyond the mere consumption of typical products by seeking out experiences that can introduce them to their origins, production methods, territory, historical, artistic and social events.
In recent years, many Protection Consortia have been engaged in building ad hoc initiatives to facilitate the meeting between their businesses, tourists and operators in the sector, who are increasingly eager to offer real "certified food and wine experiences," such as those recounted during the round table: from Oliveti Aperti by the Consorzio dell'olio Riviera Ligure DOP, to Caseifici Aperti by the Consortiums of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and Pecorino Toscano DOP, from Made in Malga by the Consorzio Asiago DOP, to Acetaie Aperte by the Consorzio Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP and A cena col paesaggio by the Consorzio del Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG.
PDO PGI products have taken on a strategic role in the tourism sector in a territorial system logic: on the one hand, agrifood and wine companies invest in a new business model that conceives their spaces not only as places of production, but also for product knowledge and purchase; on the other, the Consortia carry out projects ranging from food education to the valorization of the true excellence of the rural world. An approach fully in line with what has been defined by the recent regulatory developments through the decrees on wine tourism (2019) and oil tourism (2022), which, recognizing the strategic value of the sector, define the guidelines and requirements for the exercise of tourism, commercial, training and information activities inherent to the wine and olive oil productions of the territory with particular regard to the PDO and PGI Geographical Indications.
Massimo Garavaglia - Minister of Tourism
"We are working to give Italy a Strategic Food and Wine Plan, to encourage the development of the value of our excellent productions and their territories. From November we will involve the Consorzi di tutela of the Italian DOP IGP food system, to share the strategy and objectives. Food and wine represents a sector that cuts across all economic sectors, and it is essential to promote territories starting with quality supply chains."

Alessandro Piana - Vice President and Councillor for Agriculture of the Liguria Region.

"A meeting to network the potential and peculiarities of agri-food products, which saw the convinced participation of the Protection Consortia from different Italian areas. Non-intensive productions of excellence that represent us all over the world and that can be the real engine of territorial marketing. Proposing different offers of oil-related experiences, from itineraries to farm history cases, allows us to discover one of the flagships of our region and the efforts of a heroic agriculture that is the result of passion and sacrifice."

Giovanni Berrino - Liguria Region Councillor for Tourism

"The olive tree is one of the symbols of Liguria, just as oil is the true heart of our tradition. The link between the territory and the excellence of our products is one of the fundamental and strategic keys of our tourism. The year of definitive recovery confirms how in Liguria we are also targeting the immense 'green sea' of our hinterland within the framework of a 365-degree offer capable of satisfying the demands of those who prefer mountains to the sea. Oliveti Aperti represents a challenge for a tourist experience that can only be found in Liguria."

Carlo Siffredi - President of the Consorzio dell'olio Riviera Ligure DOP

"In Lucinasco on the occasion of Oliveti Aperti we launched, together with the other Consorzi di Tutela, the proposal of an organized and coordinated Tourism more and more linked to PDO products, the only ones with an authentic link with the territory. In this way we can create a tourism offer capable of implementing the other opportunities that Liguria offers. We want to raise the reputation of our oil, which historically is one of the noblest foods."

Cesare Mazzetti - President Qualivita Foundation

"It is from the evolution of our country in this sector that the proposal of an initiative such as Turismo DOP was born, which aims to aggregate the network of entities that have already distinguished themselves in incoming activities to promote throughout the territory their experiences and grow the quality food and wine tourism sector in Italy. Uniting through a common and shared project to consolidate the cultural experiences dedicated to food and wine tourism of the Consorzi di Tutela is the commitment of the Qualivita Foundation."

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