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by Redazione 03/21/20
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Campagna raccolta fondi Flos Olei

Flos Olei has activated a fundraiser in support of the Civil Protection.
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The world of quality extra virgin olive oil is also moving in favour of those who, for weeks now, have been fighting the battle against the Coronavirus on the front line. And it does so with a fundraiser, in support of the Civil Protection, started by Marco Oreggia, Laura Marinelli and all the staff of Flos Olei, the only guide in the world entirely dedicated to the excellence of olive oil production in the various continents.

With a causal (FLOSOLEI - IORESTOACASA - COVID19) that reiterates the appeal that in these days everyone should respect. An important initiative aimed at involving the best producers of extra virgin olive oil from all over the world, the same ones included in the Flos Olei guide, for many years now an essential reference point for all the players in this vital chain and, above all, for millions of consumers. And it is certainly a positive sign that, at this time of absolute emergency, producers of quality extra virgin olive oil, while expressing tension and concern, are demonstrating in a concrete way that they know how to react and are involved and show solidarity in this battle.

Flos Olei wants to support them and, by taking up the solicitation of many of them, has launched a fundraising campaign to be donated to the Civil Protection, with the intent of providing help to those who are committed with all their strength to alleviate the deep human suffering of which we learn every day through the media.

"We are all experiencing - observes Marco Oreggia, an international journalist and a keen connoisseur of the world of wine and oil - a challenge that we would never have imagined we would have to face, certainly the toughest of our years. A challenge that, however, in making us increasingly aware of being part of a global world, also makes us rediscover a sense of community and brotherhood that perhaps we had put aside a bit in the frenzy of the daily race.

Quality producers, who themselves represent one of the hardest hit sectors, want to give a strong signal that sees them united to continue to offer the excellence of their oils. They are organising themselves to ensure, and indeed to encourage and facilitate, distribution to their customers who can then continue to rely on their products. "If it is still uncertain when we wake up from this bad dream - comments Laura Marinelli - one thing is certain: we will come out of it deeply changed, weakened but also better. I want to think that we will all be more attentive and aware; and that food quality and the environment will be values that should never be taken for granted".

Watch the video message by Marco Oreggia: :

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