Discovering Tintilia

by Redazione 09/05/17
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Alla scoperta della tintilia

Tintilia is a traditional grape from Molise, maybe non native but ancient. Anyway it can be found only in Molise vineyards and it is very important for local viticulture. 

A traditional varietal from the Molise region even if it is not exactly native. Nevertheless, it is only found in that region where it represents an undisputed asset.

Tintilia is the name of a typical Molise varietal that grows in the region’s hilly hinterland. It was abandoned over the years in favor of more productive varieties but at present it is at the center of an interesting revival to enhance its value. All things considered, it is one of the most authentic elements of Molise winemaking.

The varietal can be considered native to Molise only in regard to the long time it has been cultivated there. The question thus arises: how many centuries must pass before a varietal adapts to its terroir and absorbs its unique and unmistakable characteristics thus becoming indigenous? Tintilia was introduced in Molise in the second half of the 18th century, when it was part of the Bourbon reign, and the result of the intense trade between the Kingdom of Naples and Spain. Its name probably derives from tinto, the adjective that is used in Spanish to denote red wine, in consideration of the grape’s color which is a dark red.

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