Premiers Chablis (2)

by Vinogodi 09/21/18
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Chablis vigneti panorama

We continue our panorama of some great Chablis Premier Cru begun yesterday.

In our “installment discussion” begun September 5 (LINK), we saw that although Premier Cru is the second classification in regard to importance throughout Burgundy, and thus the area of Chablis, the importance and technical skill of the winemaker produced wines of astonishing quality to the extent that they put into question the validity of the system of classification.

Yesterday we began our tasting review of Chablis and today we conclude the paradox of this area with some of the greatest Premier Cru.

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Vaillons 2010
Chablis 1er Cru
Domaine Raveneau 12/22/16 Vinogodi This Chablis is a legend, one that has achieved the quality heights of the great Chardonnay of Beaune. Its serene color is a clear yellow with some golden reflections that give it importance while...
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Foret 2010
Chablis 1er Cru
Domaine Raveneau 12/22/16 Vinogodi Ravenau is a producer who has made sensorial synthesis his creed. This is a Chablis to the core and even if the structure may be weighty, it never loses its freshness. The bouquet has a broad floral...
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Sechet 1997
Chablis 1er Cru
Domaine René et Vincent Dauvissat 09/21/18 Vinogodi Dauvissat is another Chablis Grand Master and this wine holds up even after aging for over 20 years. The color is a luminous golden-yellow and there is an exceptional array of aromas that range from...
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Monts Mains 1999
Chablis 1er Cru
Domaine Raveneau 09/20/18 Iolanda Maggio Here again extreme elegance and extraordinary integrity demonstrate how Chablis on this level has an exceptional lifespan. Less opulent than its fraternal twin Forget, this already bewitches you with...
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Montée de Tonnerre 2005
Chablis 1er Cru
Domaine Raveneau 09/21/18 Vinogodi Montée de Tonnerre is, for me, the most clamorous historic error of classification and this because more than often there are versions that are even more exciting than most of the official...
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