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by Marketing & Advertising 05/19/22
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Cantine Florio is at the forefront in narrating a symbol of Sicilian enology. The first step? A range of 10 storyteller labels that highlights Florio's philosophy.

Boasting a centuries-old history, Cantine Florio look to the future of Marsala and present 10 labels created to express and communicate the vast and rich nature of this Italian icon.

The new Florio line rediscovers Marsala as an idea of art. A wine that was created for the future, born to last and evolve in constant balance between nature and art, science and passion, magic and alchemy.

The harvest, the pressing of the grapes, the secret of tanning, the lovely encounter between wine and alcohol. The addition of cooked must and the selection of the barrels, the distance from the sea. The humidity and temperature of the seasons, the wind, the «Angel’s Share», extremely long aging. Decanting, the position of the barrels inside the cellar, constant tasting and, above all, the choices of the Enologist who, using insight, traces one of the infinite paths that Marsala can take. For the first time, the narration of these “possibilities” appears on the label.

Florio's passion for the «truth» about Marsala is a «transparent narrative» that becomes a shared and shareable heritage available to all. Florio's «storyteller labels» contain Marsala’s complete and complex journey: the year of fortification, a summary of the wine’s journey inside the barrels, the verbale di miscela, the total years of aging, the Angel’s share and the journey of the barrels within the naves.

Marsala Vergine Riserva – VR0308

This Marsala ages for 13 years in small oak barrels in the Garibaldi cellar, located 108 meters away from the sea. A fresh and vibrant Marsala revealing typical Mediterranean aromas with notes of broom and jasmine.

Marsala Superiore Secco – SS1516

The result of a nomadic approach to aging, this label recounts the four years spent roaming the naves of the Baglio. Enclosed in vats and barrels of different shapes and sizes that tinge the wine with an amber color, this Marsala reveals a distinct and defined mouth marked by hints of bread crust as well as elegant and light aromas of acacia honey and vanilla.

Marsala Superiore Riserva Semisecco – SR2715

Slow aging cradles this elegant Marsala Superiore Riserva Semisecco for six years, from the barriques to the 4SBG oak cask inside the Garibaldi cellar. The nose reveals notes of vanilla beans and leather, while the mouth lights up with a sweet natural richness.

Marsala Superiore Dolce – SD1217

A balanced and pleasant drink, the synthesis of a journey within the Florio cellars inside oak barrels of different sizes. This Marsala Superiore Dolce offers warm aromas of dates and apples and hints of ripe grapes.

Marsala Superiore Semisecco Riserva – SR0207

The 9SAG barrel bears witness to the birth of a singular wine that developed for 14 years at 120 meters away from the sea. Marsala Superiore Semisecco Riserva unveils a dry and persistent tannic flavor as well as a balanced sweetness and aromas of spices and custard.

Marsala Vergine Riserva – VR1003

A clear vision of the cellar leads the passage among barrels of different shapes and size: an 18-year journey that reveals a persistent tannin and aromas of peanuts and cereals.

Marsala Superiore Riserva Semisecco – SR0301

Twenty years of aging make this Marsala Superiore Riserva Semisecco a true gift to be shared. The dry and persistent tannin, the hints of licorice, torrone and bitter cocoa blend with aromas of fruit preserved in alcohol and chestnuts. An evident proof of a complex evolution, the result of a prolonged stay in oak wood.

Marsala Superiore Riserva Secco – SS0900

Amber color, scents of gentian and rhubarb, vibrant taste and pleasant bitterness: these are the result of SS0900’s 20-year journey inside the cellars. Fruit of ancient winemaking listening, this wine has breathed different woods and dimensions in the four naves of the Baglio and is directed towards a new idea of Marsala.

Marsala Vergine Riserva – VR1898

There are only 900 bottles of this refined liquid masterpiece, that recounts its sweet and long journey inside the Florio cellars. A distinct and vertical organoleptic profile gives this Marsala Vergine Riserva evolving notes of menthol, black tea and licorice, while the mouth reveals hints of chestnut honey and roots as well as a remarkable persistence.

Marsala Superiore Riserva Dolce – SD0294

300-liter oak casks, located 194 meters from the sea inside the Garibaldi cellar, reveal an enological vision called SD0294. A limited edition characterized by sweetness as well as marked acidity, this Marsala Superiore Riserva Dolce is distinguished by suggestive scents of licorice and medicinal herbs.

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