Suolo, the new Duca di Salaparuta project that originates from the earth

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Progetto Suolo Duca-di-Salaparuta - sauvignon blanc e zibibbo

Duca di Salaparuta presents its new line called “Suolo” (soil). This project has a strong identity, which originates from the fertile and prosperous land that the vine sinks its roots into to thrive, and which is the result of a meticulous selection process carried out by the agronomist in the countryside and by the oenologist in the winery. 

The choice of specific parts of the vineyard within the Duca di Salaparuta Estates, which are featured on the label, is the ultimate expression of the concept of zoning and of the strong connection with the land where our vineyards grow.

Wine maker Barbara Tamburini says: ‘I am delighted to have been able to contribute with my technical, scientific and oenological expertise and, as a result, to have helped launch these two new projects, Suolo Zibibbo and Suolo Sauvignon Blanc. Both projects had been in the making for a while because of the huge potential that these two grape varieties, planted in these two special plots of land, have to offer. Zibibbo, an extraordinary native grape variety with a distinctive character and elegance, made into a varietal wine, displays a remarkable aromatic complexity, which is mainly expressed through notes of orange blossom and exotic fruits. Sauvignon Blanc, instead, is a grape variety that is full of potential to be passed on to the grapes it produces. Grown in this special soil, it allows the wine to express its varietal character of cut grass, floral and fruity, as well as a hint of graphite and slight hints of spice. Freshness, complexity, and a prolonged and intense aromatic persistence: these are just some of the characteristics that can be regarded as the common denominator of these two wines, which are part of the Suolo Line.

Within the Risignolo Estate, the agronomist and the wine maker of Duca di Salaparuta personally selected the most suitable rows of vines to offer, at the wine cellars, a Zibibbo wine with a pure essence, rich in Mediterranean sensations, which has a very modern clear and fresh aroma in the glass. The choice of this part of land, 50% calcareous and 50% clayey, which has some sand in it too, and the fact that it faces south, where the sun is stronger and therefore grapes ripen earlier, are all factors that contributed to the intense aromas of this wine. In fact, it offers a new interpretation of the typical flavors of this aromatic grape variety.

This is also what happened in the heart of Sicily, on the sunny Suor Marchesa Estate where, on Soil No. 3, in just 4 hectares of north-facing land, Duca di Salaparuta’s Sauvignon Blanc found an unexpected home. This part of the vineyard, where the soil is mainly calcareous, is where this rich and well-structured yet crisp and fresh wine originates, for which the agronomist and oenologist patiently select the best grape bunches and carefully make them into wine, after which they are left to refine in barriques. These two extraordinary wines are sure to win over even the most experienced wine enthusiasts seeking a glass of wine that will give them the impression of being in the vineyard and of treading the soft and rich soil of Sicily with their feet. Each bottle is numbered and unique.

THE DESIGN | The labels of Duca di Salaparuta’s Suolo Line have a modern and minimalist look, with an oriental vibe that is evident both in the design of the vine shoot, which is different for each label in the range, and in the graphic design. Once again, we find the sword, the symbol of the brand, now embellished with gold, which can also be found in the cap, which is transparent for the first time.

Suolo, Territories and Wines


HISTORY | Salemi, in the province of Trapani, is the province with the highest concentration of vines in all of Italy: here, wine is the structure that supports a great cultural tradition. It is in this sun-drenched countryside that white grapes find their natural habitat and have been cultivated for centuries.

TERRITORY | The province of Salemi, in central-western Sicily, is predominantly hilly and well ventilated, which allows for wholesome grapes to be grown and therefore requires less intervention in the vineyard.


ALTITUDE | 300 metres above sea level TRAINING SYSTEM | Guyot, planting density of 5,500 plants per hectare. SOIL COMPOSITION | Soils tending towards calcareous-clayey. The composition of Soil 5, of medium mixture, is also characterised by the presence of sand, which makes it easier for water to penetrate. HECTARES PLANTED WITH ZIBIBBO | 15 south-facing hectares, where the grapes ripen earlier and develop more intense aromas. CLIMATE | Temperate, with mild winters and springs and very dry summers, plus broad temperature ranges. Winter average 15 °C. Summer average 24 °C


This fresh and sapid Zibibbo comes from the fertile hills of the Risignolo Estate, from Soil No. 5 of the vineyard, where its grapes are grown in soils rich in clay and lime. It has an intense but refined aroma in the glass, with distinct notes of orange blossom and lily of the valley, along with hints of fruits and, in particular, of Sicilian citrus fruits. This wine is smooth and rich on the palate, just like the land it comes from.


HISTORY | The Estate, which Duca di Salaparuta bought in 2003, is located in one of the areas that is traditionally well-suited for growing red grapes, especially Nero d’Avola. However, the unique microclimate and soil composition also make it ideal for growing white grapes, as well as many varieties of fruits such as peaches and almonds.

TERRITORY | The Suor Marchesa Estate is in Riesi, in the centre of Sicily, just a few kilometres from the sea, on a gentle hill well exposed to the winds. Today, the vineyards cover about 127 hectares and prosper on calcareous soils, which allows the roots to penetrate deep into the soil and find water which, in summer, is scarce and precious in this part of Sicily.


ALTITUDE | 300-350 metres above sea level TRAINING SYSTEM | Spurred Cordon training system, planting density of 5,500 vines per hectare SOIL COMPOSITION | 100% calcareous-clayey. The high percentage of lime in the soil provides crunchy grapes with fresh aromas. HECTARES PLANTED WITH SAUVIGNON BLANC | 4 hectares, facing north. This exposure shields the grapes from excessive sunshine and makes them become fragrant. CLIMATE | Mild and short winters, hot and very dry summers. Winter average 14 °C. Summer average 22 °C

THE WINE - SUOLO | SAUVIGNON BLANC Produced from grapes grown on Soil No. 3 of the Suor Marchesa Estate, mainly calcareous and north facing, Duca di Salaparuta’s Sauvignon Blanc preserves the characteristic freshness and acidity of this grape variety. With an elegant and complex bouquet, the varietal notes blend with the typically Mediterranean floral notes of jasmine and white broom, while fruity hints are combined with spicy ones, reminiscent of vanilla and pink pepper. The notes perceived on the nose are complemented on the palate. This wine, a product of the Sicilian soil, which is harvested when the grapes are fully ripe and vinified partly in steel and partly in barriques, has a rich and persistent taste.

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