San Michele Appiano 3.0

by Marketing & Advertising 11/04/20
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Cantina San Michele Appiano 3.0: Virtual tour and Quality app for the evaluation of the quality of vineyards and grapes. The leading winery in South Tyrol focuses on technological innovation in the wine sector. 

The winery St. Michael-Eppan is increasingly at the forefront of innovation. The new official website offers the possibility of a “virtual tour”, a new way to visit the winery with or without the use of VR glasses to live a unique wine experience for wine lovers. But also the communication between the winemaker, the agronomist and the producers is streamlined thanks to the introduction of apps that inform about the state of the individual vineyards and the quality of the grapes, facilitating the evaluation processes and speeding up the exchange of information from the vineyard to the winery. 

This is how the winery St. Michael-Eppan looks to the future, confirming itself as the most advanced winery in South Tyrol. The winery focuses on technological innovation aimed at improving the interactive experience for wine lovers and achieving greater efficiency in the processes from the vineyard to the cellar, further optimizing the quality of its wines. 

The Virtual Wine Tour 

The new website of the winery is made even more intuitive and interactive thanks to the virtual tour into the winery. This tour allows to wine lovers in real time to enter and explore virtually and independently the environments of the winery, where the great wines are born. This virtual experience into the wine cellar can also be made at the Wine Shop, where the makes VR glasses available. In addition to the winery, on the Virtual Tour you can admire also the vineyards of St. Michael-Eppan. The whole project has been realized by the St. Michael-Eppan Winery with the collaboration of the local company, specialized in 3D visualizations.

Quality App to support agronomist and winemaker

For some years now, internal communication within the company and the management of the various steps from the vineyard to the cellar have been optimized with the help of new technologies. The everyday-work of the agronomist from the winery of St. Michael-Eppan is supported and simplified by the use of an application (APP) that allows him to manage all the 380 hectares of vineyards and the 330 members of the winery. In this way he can express an evaluation about the situation in the vineyard by inserting reports and photos. This allows to the winemaker to see in real time the state of maturity of the grapes, so he is always updated on the quality of the incoming grapes. This evaluation, together with other factors, also influences the economic value of the grapes, that farmers deliver to the Winery. 

App fot the sales force 

Other applications have been activated to simplify the work of agents and the sharing of data, such as price lists, data sheets and updates, with the possibility of an real-time order entry in the IT-system of the winery. 

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