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The single-variety wines of the Calanìca Line embody the oenological characteristics of the selected grape varieties and the territories where they are cultivated, with the instantly recognizable style of Duca di Salaparuta.

With its unique style, Duca di Salaparuta gives its own interpretation of the most fascinating aspects of its area of origin and its beloved grape varieties. Every Duca di Salaparuta wine expresses a particular terroir and a long winemaking tradition, but each one also reflects an actual lifestyle, with wine lovers choosing the wine that best reflects them at that moment in time… Like the new Calanìca Wines.

The News Calanìca Wines

Sicily, with its rich and diverse wine production, is an island that has always been suited to growing highly prestigious cultivars. Here, each variety is grown in the territory with the ideal climate and soil characteristics, resulting in original nuances and interpretations. A strong bond with the island’s natural environment and an outward-looking approach have always characterized Local Wines, which originally blended an indigenous grape variety with an international variety. In 2019, with its new Calanìca Line, Duca di Salaparuta chose to retell this tradition through single-varietal wines: Chardonnay, Grillo, Frappato, Syrah, plus the Sicilian varietals of the latest addition to the range, Calanìca Rosé.

Dedicated to a modern, cosmopolitan public in search of products with a bold personality, these sophisticated wines, the fruit of a deep understanding of vines and grapes, express the characteristics of specific varieties in an authentic and fresh manner, their labels depicting the luxuriant diversity of Sicilian flora and fauna. The wines of the Calanìca Line embody the oenological characteristics of the selected grape varieties and the territories where they are cultivated, in keeping with the instantly recognizable style of Duca di Salaparuta. This identity makes them especially suited to wine bars and restaurants which offer wine by the glass to a young target that is nonetheless discerning and knowledgeable.

The Design

The name Calanìca, traditionally written in italics on the label, is an allusion to the profound territorial identity of these products, with a clear reference to the typical Sicilian geological phenomenon of “Calanche” - badlands where gullies are eroded by wind and water. The labels too, with their modern and clean new design, help Duca di Salaparuta to convey the close bond with nature on the Island: the lightness of the peregrine falcon and butterflies, the spicy fragrance of frangipani flowers, marine references to fish and sea urchins.

Everything conjures up images with a Mediterranean flavor and the delicate, untamed beauty of a unique island..

Tasting Notes

Calanìca Rosato

Fresh and lively, made with grapes whose organoleptic characteristics are preserved intact thanks to controlled cold temperatures along the entire production chain, Calanìca Rosa is characterised by hints of citrus fruits and white peach. This wine epitomises the youthful, cheerful essence of Sicily, for those who dream of aperitifs by the sea with friends.

Calanìca Grillo

This wine, magnificent as an aperitif with friends or with a light fish-based meal, naturally expresses the crispness and backbone of Grillo. Its contemporary and vibrant personality makes it a winner with those who like to experiment with the intense scents of the Mediterranean maquis.

Calanìca Chardonnay

The new Calanìca Chardonnay is enticing and well-balanced. This particularly fresh wine, which is the result of constant loving care in the vineyards and knowledge of the land, combines the natural elegance of Chardonnay with the intensity and fruity aroma typical of the Mediterranean islands.

Calanìca Frappato

In this wine, the olfactory potency of a single-varietal Frappato produces great richness while maintaining a sophisticated structure. Ideal for accompanying fish dishes. The rich, velvety palate is effortlessly pleasing.

Calanìca Syrah

From this well-structured and persistent grape variety comes Calanìca Syrah. It has an intense and fruity aroma, with hints of small black berries and spices such as black pepper, and is rich on the palate, with noticeable but pleasant tannins.

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