Castello del Terriccio: 1.500 hectars of Biodiversity

by Marketing & Advertising 04/15/21
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Castello del Terriccio panorama

100 years and great wines at Castello del Terriccio. 1921 the more than 1000 years old Tuscan Estate is acquired by the family that still owns it, transforming its viticultural destiny and creating one of the top Italian wineries, birthplace of iconic wines like Lupicaia.

A hundred years ago, shortly after World War I, the Ferri family purchased the huge Tuscan estate whose origins date from the 12th century, transmuting it in short time into an agricultural property of huge success. It is, however, thanks to Gian Annibale Rossi di Medelana (1941-2019) that Castello del Terriccio became as famous and notoriously recognized for its outstanding wine production. Today, Castello del Terriccio is owned by Vittorio Piozzo di Rosignano, nephew and heir of Cavaliere Gian Annibale. Vittorio has left his career in financing to dedicate himself personally to the estate and its administration. With its 1.500 hectares of which 60 vineyards and 40 olive groves, located along the Northern border of Maremma, near Bolgheri, it represents one of the biggest estates in Tuscany.

The new management of Vittorio is based on his desire to continue the innovative ideas and the wise approach toward the outstanding potential of viticulture on this piece of land, started by his uncle, so that the wines will become more and more famous and appreciated by the wine lovers.

My ancestors and especially Gian Annibale have left me an enormous responsability of which I feel the honour and the burden: in this century of ownership my family managed to maintain this territory in its entity and beauty and my uncle succeeded in creating an internationally renowed and recognized brand and a unique concept of creating wine".

Trespassing the entrance colums of Terriccio, advancing along the 3,5 km long alley towards its heart, is like going back into ancient times. Here have been living up to 500 persons, there used to be a school, the carpentry, the furnace for the bricks, the mill and till today we can admire the little church in the middle of the historical village as well as numerous colonic farmhouses.

The aim is to continue on this path, optimizing the work which has been achieved so far with so much dedication: the safeguard of the landscape, the preservation of the uniqueness of this estate which due to his special characteristics is a natural habitat choosen by many wild animals, as well as an ideal place to produce wine. In this context, we have introduced innovative agriculture in respect of the environment and the territory. Apart from that, we continue with the world wide brand building. Two new hectars of Cabernet Sauvignon are implanted, right next to the historical vineyard of Lupicaia. A restauration project which includes abandoned buildings has been started: in order to improve hospitality, the old carpentry, located above the cellars, is in process of being renovated and will be the new tasting room, wine shop and restaurant, with a panoramic garden for receiving, starting as of this summer, our passionate clients and friends.

"We also plan to restore the other buildings which compose the little village as well as various dislocated little farm houses spread all over the estate, so that in the future the wine and landscape lovers will be able to stay in this unique environment in which we grow the outstanding enological treasures appreciated throughout the world “ declares a proud Vittorio Piozzo di Rosignano.

Our fans will soon be able to admire the breathtaking view that reaches on clear days over the Tuscan archipelago to the island of Corsica, enjoying the unique sunsets and to plunge themselves in this regenerating and mostly uncontaminated landscape: the enormous dimensions of Castello del Terriccio and the foresight of who managed to preserve this beauty throughout the centuries have allowed the many different  environments to create a rare and out-of-time microcosm.

This territory of which you never become tired and which you can never fully discover is the result of a fortunate combination of elements that create a special terroir, being the reason of the international success since their first presentation of our Lupicaia, Castello del Terriccio and Tassinaia, recognized since their start as among the greatest red wines ever. “These are wines with a strong personality but at the same time elegance” comments Vittorio Piozzo di Rosignano “children of this extraordinary territory interpreted since the beginning in the nineties of the last century by Carlo Ferrini, our precious consulting enologist, capable of giving each labels its uniqueness, an expressive naturalness and a distinct character which is true to our stile.

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