Rottensteiner, a Family History: Committed to Tradition, Lead by Passion

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Famiglia Rottensteiner Alto Adige

The Rottensteiner family is one of the most ancient families of South Tyrol and its connections to the wine here has lasted for many generations. 

More than 50 years ago, grandfather Hans had the dream to produce his own wine. A dream that came true in in 1956 and has been continuing by his son Toni, the grandson Hannes and his wife Judith.

Judith e Hannnes Rottensteiner Alto Adige

Hans' focus was selling open wines from the winery to Switzerland. In the 1980’s, his son Toni changed over to marketing bottled wines, and since 2001 he has been supported by his grandson Hannes. 

Not only have the grapes from the family’s 10 hectares been processed from the onset, but also that of 60 regional grape growers as well. This close cooperation has extended for generations and is essentially responsible for the excellent quality of the wines.

From the beginning the family has been consciously committed to the varietal character of the particular wines with a clear focus on the Bolzano varieties Lagrein and St. Magdalener. The vineyards grow mainly on porphyry, a very typical soil for Alto Adige. Which is also reflected in the family name “red rock” (in German Roter Stein), and characterizes the strongly minerality of the wines.


The history of the city of Bolzano is closely tied to viniculture, just as is the Rottensteiner family. The return to the ancestry and to the continuation of traditions are important guideposts for their daily work. Five estates are particularly tied to the family and business – each with its own history.


This is the homestead of Toni Rottensteiner this is where it all began with a small tavern. Today, Tony's nephew Klaus manages the Reiterhof estate. Located at 450 meters above sea level in the hamlet of San Pietro, in the classic St. Magdalener growing region, the vineyard has a South-West exposure, and the vines are planted on loose porphyry soil. 


The Hofmannhof estate, from the 16th century, originally belonged to the Rosenthal porcelain family dynasty, and came into the family possession in the early 1970’s. This estate is the homestead of the young generation of Rottensteiner and is now run by Silvia, the youngest sister. The vineyard stretches over sloping hillsides, but also extends into the Grieser valley bed, at an altitude between 270 – 350 meters. The slopes with their south to south-easterly exposure and loose porphyry soils are cultivated with Schiava grapes. In the valley bottom, the deep alluvial terrain near the Talvera River offers prime conditions for the Lagrein.


The Kristplonerhof estate is the homestead of Rosl Rottensteiner and is now run by Evi, the oldest daughter of the family. The Kristplonerhof estate is certainly one of the oldest vineyards in the Bolzano area. Mentioned in written form for the first time around 1000, the estate was once the property of the bishopric of Trento. Therefore, the area around the Kristplonerhof today is known as the Walschwinkel (Italian corner). The Kristplonerhof estate is located in Guncina, at an elevation of 400 to 550 meters with a south-easterly exposure. The soils are fine-grained and porphyritic. The varieties Schiava, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) grow here. 


Although the Premstallerhof estate is not owned by the family, the vineyard and the Swiss owners, the Vogel family, are still closely linked to the fate and affairs of the winery. The Premstallerhof is in Santa Maddalena at 400 to 500 meters above sea level and with its approximately four hectares, is not only one of the largest, but also one of the best qualitative estates in the area. The South-East exposure, together with the excellent topographic conditions and the loose porphyry soil, make for one of the best DOC St. Magdalener, the Premstallerhof. Gertrud Vogel manages the estate today, applying biodynamic principles in utmost harmony with nature.


The Koefelehof estate is a new addition to the family and is managed by Hannes. From the farmstead, there is a wonderful view of the Torre Druso tower, the round sliced tower of Treuenstein Castle, which has become a bit of a symbol of the winery.

Tenuta Hans Rottensteiner
Via Sarentino 1/A
39100 Bolzano  

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