Roccobabà by the pastry chef Emilio

di Antonella Amodio 30/11/17
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Il Roccobabà di Emilio il pasticciere

Based on the classic babà recipe, Emilio Goglia, a pastry chef since 1980, created a small masterpiece of sheer goodness: Roccobabà. 

Initially, it was simply a “babà semifreddo al cioccolato” (rum-soaked sponge cake with cold custard filling and chocolate icing). The name was changed after Emilio met designer Rocco Barocco who fell in love with his cake and became an assiduous consumer who spread the word of how good it was.

The inspiration for this dessert came to Emilio from observing the preferences of his customers who appeared to prefer innovative creations that did not stray from the traditional flavors of pastries typical to the region of Campania. The area around the city of Aversa has a rich pastry tradition and the secret to the success of Roccobabà is local pastry-making craftsmanship combined with fresh, quality ingredients.

The fame and success of Roccobabà has over the years become worldwide and many have attempted to imitate it. Aside from having been heralded in the Italian press, this cake has also been highlighted in the press in Spain and France. It now can also be found on dessert menus in New Yok, London, Moscow and, more recently, Hong Kong.

Emilio Il Pasticciere  

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