One more guide

di Daniele Cernilli 09/06/14
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One more guide

There used to be an old ad which went: “With all the yogurt around, was there really a need for Yoplé’’.The same could be said about wine guides and Angelo Gaja said as much in his last article for Doctor Wine. There is no doubt that Italy has too many guides. However, the one we are working on will be different from the others and not just because it will be another one. First of all because it will be published by Mondadori, with its vast distribution network and enormous technological capability, and I must confess I am truly honored to have it as our publisher.

Then there is the fact that I and all those collaborating with me, who form a strong and qualified team, have decided to produce a streamlined guide, a ‘basic’ one if you wish, with fewer wineries examined and fewer wines reviewed, this because they will be only those worth looking at. There will also be some multimedia novelties which I will not get into here for obvious reasons. And so after Doctor Wine’s ‘Tales’, which has just been published by Einaudi, there will be Doctor Wine’s ‘ratings’, these in order to demonstrate that such a complex subject as Italian wine can be approached in different ways and from different points of view.

It will be a leap, for sure, but I am convinced ours will not be the worst nor even the least sold publication of its kind in Italy.

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