Visione bucolico-pragmatica

di Riccardo Viscardi 21/09/15
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Visione bucolico-pragmatica

Moasca is in the hills in the province of Asti, the land of Barbera and Moscato, where the red earth can have a pitch of as much as 40%. This ancient estate has some 10 hectares of vineyards and its winery was recently revamped to make it more beautiful and functional with temperature-controlled rooms. A lovely terrace that looks out over the countryside and the vineyards and there is even a thin horse in the distance to complete this idyllic, pastoral vision, one that also has a pragmatic edge. The family-run estate sees Beppe Bocchino and his son Daniele in the winery, while his daughter Annalisa handles public relations, with her bright smile that reflects her county roots of which she is proud.
I was fortunate to sample their wines because they are rarely present at tastings. This Barbera was particularly impressive and made from grapes that grew in the red earth I mentioned before, while the Guyot-trained vines were the oldest at the estate.

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