The vertical land of Raffaele Palma

di Antonella Amodio 05/06/17
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Il territorio verticale di Raffaele Palma

The Amalfi Coast is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Italy and it is here that Raffaele Palma produces his little gems. 

Raffaele Palma’s six hectares of vineyards are spread out on the vertical slopes of Monte Avvocata, in the town of Maiori, in a splendid and uncontaminated landscape. His terraced parcels create a spectacular mosaic that sits above the sea. The vineyards are planted with varieties native to the coast and fully respect the environment being cultivated organically. The vines are trained using a number of traditional systems like pergola Amalfitana, spalliera and the old Greek system which entails each vine having its own beanpole. Raffaele is the heart and soul of the estate that since 2005 has been producing not only some wine gems but also excellent citrus fruits and olives.

Raffaele Palma 
Owner : Raffaele Palma
Località San Vito
84010 Maiori (SA)
Tel. +39 335 7601858
Facebook : aziendaagricolabiologicaraffaelepalma
Year of foundation:  2005
Hectars of vineyards : 6
Bottles produced : 19.000


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