Otto von Puglia

di Daniele Cernilli 31/08/16
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Otto von Puglia

This is not from Bavaria but from the northern part of Salento, in Carovigo, in the province of Brindisi. Around a 16th century farm house are the vineyards of Beppe di Maria, a passionate wine entrepreneur who over 15 years or so ago created Carvinea, a small estate with just nine hectares of vineyards that produce 35,000 bottles a year, one for each vine. But the most interesting thing here are the couple of hectares used to cultivate Ottavianello, a red variety that was rediscovered and replanted specifically to make a wine from it. The wine is called Otto and it is a kind of Mediterranean Pinot Noir, elegant, not that tannic, which holds its acidity in check and it is beginning to make a name for itself. We tasted it to give you an idea.

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