Fermento Piceno

di Francesco Annibali 10/08/16
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Fermento piceno

Not long ago I wrote (LINK) about the successful surge in quality winemaking in Piceno that has taken place over the past 15 years. This was possible thanks to a group of men and women with great personality and charisma like Marco Casolanetto of Oasi degli Angeli and Angela Velenosi of the estate of the same name.

And this surge shows no sign of abating. A case in point is in Val Menocchia, more precisely in Carassai above the lovely seaside town of Cupra Marittima and known to wine lovers as the home of Kurni. While lesser known than towns like Offida and Ripatransone, here they produce wines that are a less rustic than the classic ones of the area and even a bit fruitier. Then again, perhaps this is just due to the skill of the self-taught producer Emanuele Dianetti who works Monday through Friday in a bank but in his winery makes none of the mistakes that those who have learned winemaking on their own typically commit.

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